Wallpapers #9

Once again, I am back with five more free wallpapers for you to enjoy! I hope you enjoy these fun wallpapers.

The in’s and outs
I made them with Canva.com and I used quotes I found online via my Pinterest. You can use my wallpapers and download them for your own. I would love for you to tag me if you use them on social media. I have put my blog name on them because I like for people to know the origin. I did however put it so that it will be roughly behind your bar if you have a macbook so it will not be a bother. In the future I might do phone and tablet once as I have an android and we do not have enough cute wallpapers for android devices.

The wallpapers
They are made for the dimension of a 13″ macbook air. Making the wallpapers 2560 x 1600 Pixels. You can check out my other by clicking on the links Wallpaper 1, wallpaper 2, wallpaper 3, wallpaper 4, wallpaper 5, wallpaper 6, wallpaper 7, wallpaper 8,

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