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I personally think directories are so good and interesting if you want to find posts that are similar. So, I have them for books, movies, Products, and recipes. I thought it would be helpful to also have one for other posts I do, as my lifestyle tag contains 190+ posts and I sometimes can’t even find some of the posts myself. What I do think you have to take into account is some of this stuff I wrote when I was young, so over the years I have changed as a person and in my opinions, if you ever wonder if I still hold some opinions, feel free to ask in the comments or contact me in any other way.



Diary posts 2022

From my heart to yours
Books on the shelf
The Return
An academic mind
The journey

Diary posts 2021

Candles to celebrate this Christmas
Once upon a time
Hit pause
The milk frother saga
Summer sunshine
Updates and decluttering your life
A new start


Diary posts 2020

Why you should never settle
One more day
Final quotes
Coffee dates and boys
Taking care
A reminder
Why I used to love history as a young girl
I once had a friend named Mary
When things are difficult
That book you’ll never finish
Being cruel but acting kind
Sour lemons and laughter
Seven things we can learn from Elle Woods
It’s okay not to be
How to save the planet without trying
Veggie world 2020
Getting your blood draw like a pro
Why you should never settle
Celebrate life
Get that groove back
Six years and striving

Diary posts 2019

How to be happy and content as a single girl
Boss babe

Signs you are doing to much
Good enough
Digitally free
I believe in me
I used to be the do-it-all girl
I keep leaving
Friends, at last
Summer flu
The empowerment of the normal girl
You still said it.
Here it is.. 
 I have been gone

Diary posts 2018

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
I am back
The not so happy days
Losing a friend
Only through failure
How to deal with writer’s block
I love pinterest, here is why
When I was a young girl
Comfort zone
Sometimes, somethings 
The art of never making a video
Beat the end of holiday blues
Where I have been
How to be more positive
Anti-valentines day
Why I only write positive things
The power of loving make-up

Diary posts 2017

Why December is the best month of the year
First impressions
The youth
A new beginning
A little hello and introduction
The past year
On a happier note
Why it is okay, not to be okay
A happy healthy social media life

Diary posts 2016

Getting older
Decluttering a calming mind and minimalism
Hodgkin awareness and a lot of explaining
We have a new family member
Choose happiness and Japanese life lessons

Diary posts 2015

But no one cares
Not that kind of girl
Opinions, phones, pictures, and judgment 
Drinking water
What to do when you are feeling down
Let me introduce myself


Sping 2021
My autumn clothing rack


What working out for over six months thought me
Fitness journey
Gym vs home workout


Birthday posts

21 things I learned in 21 years
Happy birthday daddy
Happy fifth birthday
Happiest birthday
A very special day


The most magical place
I was staying in Paris
When I used to live in Engeland
Christmas market Oberhausen



My first semester at University
The freshman panic
Prepping for University
Back to school: my pencil case
Happiness planner
What I am doing with my life school wise
First-term of University recap and review
What I learned while holiday a real human brain
Become the best to do list maker
Highlight your class notes
Taking class notes
Science and my career
Brand new term blues
Netflix tip!
How I prepare for the new semester
Exam season
Why I don’t talk about grades
The final chapter
Work from home routine
Back to school
Why I didn’t pursue honours
Taking back control, plan your life
A fresh start a clean slate
Madness of a master
How to get ahead over the summer


Classy Avenue

Being classy
Pamper yourself
Getting ready for school
Real struggles women with big boobs face
Dressing modestly

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