Bridgerton (2020; – Season 2)

Here is the thing, I was I must admit apprehensive when I started this season. I wanted to watch it very much yet still I didn’t want to be disappointed. In a sense I felt that I would be thus I went into it expecting the worst. Now, this season had to be changed from the book as it didn’t make sense as a follow-up to the had to the first season. Which I was entirely alright with because a series can be changed but still hold dear to the original story. I loved the viscount who loved me, read my review here. So I was apprehensive, today I will be telling you if this was at all warented.
What is the story about?
We meet the Bridgertons once again. This year our very own Viscount is looking for his viscountess and who better than the diamond of the season? The problem though? The sister of the diamond has managed to catch Anthony’s heart. But will he make the right choice? This year it is Eloise’s first season and even though she might not want it, would she find love? The featheringstons are waiting for the new Lord Featherinton to arrive. And then we have Penelope, will this be the season her secrets come out?
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What did I think?
Let’s start with the name change our dear miss Sheffield became miss Sharma. She did however remain Kate and what a gorgeous Kate she is. I was apprehensive at first because Daphne was changed quite a bit from the book. Also in the books, I have said this before but Brunnete’s are portrayed as the less desirable girl until of course a duke likes them or a Bridgerton. So, I liked that the two sisters look a lot alike as one is not prettier or better than the other. Kate was fitting, not exactly like the book as she couldn’t be. But lovely and like Anthony in so many ways. Alright back to miss Sharma, she and her family came all across the sea from India to have their season in London and it is their very first. If the elder Miss Sharma has anything to say about it, it will also be their last. And I am not mad about this change, I thought it was very clever. It raised the stakes for Kate to find her sister a match. It also made sense why no one knew them, which in the books was a bit weirder as they lived in the country. Yet, families like the Bridgertons also visit the country? So, this made much more sense why no one ever knew about them. A change I did not enjoy very much? Making Kate 26 instead of the 21 she was in the book. Not because there is something wrong with that age but because it shows much more how women were looked at, at 21 they were over their ‘prime’, and at 26 you were practically a spinster. There was no need to change it except two things, the first being Miss Edwena being ‘too young to be Anthony’s wife and second *spoilers for this one* because they want to do the Penelope storyline much earlier, and she surprise surprise will be roughly 21 in the story of the series when that plays out. This is a choice that is totally valid and fine to do. (Except that at 21 she hardly will be a spinster). Where it not for the fact that ONE ONE EVER MENTIONED ANYTHING ABOUT IT. They say Kate is a handful, she is a bit bossy ordering everyone around. Yet, she is never passed on for her sister, she is never told directly and cruelly that she is very old. Which they could have done all those things. It wouldn’t have been nice but it would have been honest to the sort of story this is supposed to be. But alas it does not matter. I think unnecessary changes or just that unnecessary. It didn’t add anything to the story whatsoever.
They changed a lot more, they added a money component from the Sheffield’s which are the parents of Lady Mary’s (so Kate’s and Edwina’s mother). This was I am sorry to say a stupid component. It was never mentioned again and it was just a waste of air time truly there was no possible reason to add this in. Also is lady Mary totally stupid? They sail from India and have no money what so ever? What did she think would happen? With Kate being 26 why wasn’t she ‘out’ in India, I cannot comprehend why they would not have a higher society in India? With Lady mary being a Lady and all she surely would be welcome? Were they too common? That made little sense as Kate has learned to shoot in the palace. Honestly, it was a bit maddening that the story just didn’t truly fit. If you change such a massive component to a story. Surely, you thought about all of this? We later learn in the very last episode that Kate has been taking care of Edwina and Mary for the longest time. I would have liked for them to make Lady Mary sad or heartbroken still it would make sense why Kate would feel so responsible, and why we hardly see Mary. Honestly, she is portrayed as a bad mum, and I liked their family dynamic in the book. They made up for it a bit in the last episode. Back to Mary so we are back in England but there is no money. What did she think would happen? Both Kate and Edwina could have fallen in love with men without much money, without many prospects. Second sons for example. What would she have done? Kate and Edwina didn’t grow up in a world where things like that have to be taken into account (This is I admit much better explained in the book). Thus, why would they not just look for their true love’s match? Did she hope they would fall for a man with a lot of money to take care of her? Honestly, it is a bit foolish and I must say childish. Which they could have made her very blase, but they didn’t. So it did not make sense. Also in terms of callers, Kate as lovely as she is is misguided in a way that Anthony was as well. But where on earth is her mother? She is alone with Anthony a lot as well as with others. Especially later in the season, kissing at a party? Honestly, have these writers lost their minds? I will have some more to say about this at the bottom of this post. On another note, why does everyone think Kate wants to live on her own and do her own thing and never marry? For goodness sake, she lost both her parents she has been taking care of Mary and Edwina since then, this poor girl hasn’t had a second to think about what she wants. It is so obvious, she loves her family and she wants one. She believes in love and happiness. She wants that, obviously. But she is afraid just as Anthony is. Where is Mary as her Mum to tell that she deserves love? That she deserves marriage. She does a bit in the end but good God far too little and far too late.
In the book Edwina and Kate have this beautiful bond, Edwina is young, carefree, and a bit well in the clouds. She wants a sweet well-read guy. She wants a scholar and she wants to be happy. And as a reader that is what you want for her, she is smart though, and can see through Kate much quicker than Edwina from the series. In the series, Edwina is sorry to say a massive Brad. It broke my heart when she went on about half-sister and that she didn’t want to forgive Kate. I understand she was heartbroken, I understand that it was stupid for her to find out when she was walking down the aisle. But truly Kate did not deserve that. This is however what you get when you shield your sister from every hurt and every pain. You get a young girl thinking she is a woman until one day she realizes that grown women have grown women problems. I get it though, it was wrong of the writers to go all the way to the altar with the story, it was unnecessary it made Kate and Anthony both look foolish it made them look like villains. BUT why is everyone mostly mad at Kate? I mean is it her fault she likes Anthony? No. Is it her fault Anthony likes her? No, it is not. Did she make Anthony propose to her sister? No, the dimwit did that himself. Is it her problem that everyone has their eyes in their bum and seems to not see a love match when it is dancing before their eyes? No, it is not. When everyone does find out, do we find out why no one saw it before? No, we don’t. Kate wasn’t invisible or shunned for most of the season so tell me why no one knew that Lord Bridgerton was smitten with her? In the end when they all watch when they truly see. They see it straight away but the whole season they did not, except for Daphne, off course.
It took Daphne all but two minutes to learn that Edwina loved the idea of Anthony, not the reality. To notice that Kate’s personality and spirit were so similar to Anthony’s and that they would fit so well. She knew he didn’t love Edwina or even desired her. But no one else did? Our Daphne that had a hard time noticing that everyone liked her? Seriously? Did everyone fall on their head in the off-season? It would have made so much more sense as Kate was cast aside for her sister a whole bunch of times. That then no one knew or noticed but that didn’t happen. I got so angry watching why did no one notice or see that Kate and Anthony liked each other. Why did people for even one single second think that Edwina and Anthony were a love match. They liked each other well enough but she didn’t fit in with the family. It was infuriating because it was dragged out to an extent where it felt like a horrible trainwreck you couldn’t look away from. Why did anyone think it would be a good idea to spoil Anthony and Kate in such a way? It was what my Mum said as well who I watched the series with, she said it was far too dragged out. Dragged out in a way that took away from it being enjoyable.
The cousin Jack storyline from the Feathingtons was well, interesting. I loved Portia in this series, she is a mum and that goes beyond and above all else. The women in this series are incredible. She might not do it the right way but she is a mama that wants the best for her girls. And in the end, we are all rooting for her. Honestly, I would love for her to have a bit more depth. Maybe some more of her backstory? She is such an interesting character.
Speaking of other characters, I feel Bennedict is a bit of well ass. This fits I think with how he will be in his season. As I actually didn’t really see much of it coming in the books as our Bennedict is loved very much by his family. More on that in the next season I am sure of it. If anyone could become a commoner it is our Eloise, I want her to find her passion. For her to find what she is good at. This season it was Eloise of season 1 but in slightly longer dresses. I think there is more for her and I hope we can see it in the next seasons of the show. Also her relationship with Penelope, I think we need time for them both to realize they want to very best for each other. I hope they find their way back to each other because a friendship like that does not just cross your path every day. I loved seeing Anthony mature over the season and his talk with Gregory was heartwarming, I love to see the husband Anthony will become over the course of the series.
Alright, last but not least the sexual scene, and this dear reader will be a massive spoiler. I cannot believe that they gave Kate and Anthony the Benedict/Collin storyline. This is by far the worst thing they could have done to their personalities it does not fit whatsoever. A second or third brother, mature in their age, immature with responsibilities would do such a thing. They would have relations with a woman before making her their very own. Anthony though is the guy that speaks of loyalty that speaks of honor, and duty. Who would fight Simon for Daphne as he didn’t want to marry her? He would do such a thing? I think not. I think absolutely blood not I think he would know his father for one and his mother for another would be ashamed of him. This is not viscount worthy and if Anthony is one thing it is worthy of his title. It is a horrible portrayal of their characters and of the show. Where Daphne and Simon could hardly touch hands without being forced to marry, these two can have sex in the garden of a London house? I surely think not, they would have been seen. And something like that cannot be fixed by marriage alone, not even when you are a Viscount. They are not even trying to make this somewhat believable. It is infuriating as it didn’t add anything to the story, it didn’t help anyone. In a sense it made him look like a sexual deviant realizing he loves her after doing the deed and her being in an accident.

To conclude, they could have done the first four episodes, skip everything till the last episode and we would have the same story with a bit of a better outlook on how we feel about the Sharma family, we would have believed that they are the very same in terms of love for one another as the Bridgerton’s. But alas movie writers want fireworks and honestly, they missed the mark on a few occasions.  This season was a whirlwind and an unnecessary one at that.   I liked it I did, as much as I like to say I didn’t. Or I was frustrated at parts. The actors and let’s be honest the hair, make-up, and dressing people make it all the better. Once again I have said I will not watch the next season. Sigh.. but we all know I will. See you next season dear readers.

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