Beauty and the beast (2017)

This was one of my favourite movies growing up and I actually went to the theatre show twice and I adored every single one of them. Now I also love Emma Watson. I have been watching Harry Potter ever since I was a little girl so she is an idol since forever. My hopes for this movie where so big.. Did they live up to my expectations?

What is the movie about? 

This movie is an adaptation of the classic dairy tale about a beast (which is actually a cursed beautiful prince) and a young woman who never felt understood who fall in love.

The trailer

What did I think

At first it was a bit weird. I don’t know what I was expecting but it looked so real especially the people who were changed. It was weird seeing it. As a child I would have found it scary. If I am being honest with you. I loved Emma Watson she is the only one that could make Belle come alive. She is a true natural beauty to me. As is Bell, therefore I found her a good fit. Same goes for the other character, it was a good mix of people that really brought the series alive. The only thing I found weird was the start, the prince was a terrible person and we learn later why. However he didn’t age in those years, whereas in the real story he was just young. This was a better choice however it was a little strange when you think about it. I liked the way we get to know Bell’s mum and the ending was really sweet and cute. The way everything came together again, that is why I love Disney films.

If you suffer from epilepsy, I don’t recommend seeing this in the theatre. I would advise you to let someone else watch it first (like your mum or dad) and then watch it if they think it’s okay. There are some scenes with a bunch of flashing lights that made me think about the fact that there needed to be a warning.  I did honestly love it and they took it a bit further than the old story which was lovely because you could really see how it all ended. Overall a very lovely fairy tale. I would recommend it if you loved the original.

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