About me

Hello there,

My name is Melissa, welcome to MelissaJustine.eu. This blog is my little piece on the internet where everything I love comes together; Fashion, beauty, books, movies, travel, cooking, and most importantly the English language. When I started this blog in 2014 I needed a place where I could talk about the things I enjoyed as I didn’t necessarily have a ton of people I could share these passions with within my private life. When I was young I had a passion for writing as well as photography and filming. Around the age of twelve youtube and blogs became a really big part of the media I consumed. I knew I wanted a blog myself but never dared to. In 2014, I decided to take a leap of faith and start this blog. In 2021 I took another step and added in making videos as well. Over the years this blog has changed drastically. We went from a Blogspot platform to my very own website.

Over the years a lot has changed, I studied abroad, did a lot more studying here as well, and obtained my Bachelor of Science in 2021. I have shared a ton of what was on my heart, the highs but also certainly the lows. Over the past years, I have learned that life is fun, it’s difficult at times. It’s busy or very boring at other times. But there is always growth. Thank you for being part of this journey. No matter if you have been here forever or if this is your first day on my website.

There is a ton to read and explore. When I started this journey I said that I wanted to inspire people. And I still hope that someday I will.


Lots of love,