Anti-valentine’s day

Valentine’s day, the day of love, the day to celebrate the love you feel for your significant other. Now I always found this day to be rather strange. You have all these days to celebrate love. I can’t imagine why you need one day, to be nice and spend a lovely time together. It feels very forced. The things you do on valentines you can do on every other day. Now I might just be salty because I am single on valentine’s day. I might. There is no denying that I might feel very differently if I had a partner but I don’t.

When I saw I was going to put a blog online on valentine’s day I knew I needed to do something. Something different from everyone else. I am single on V-day and you might be too. And I am here to tell, it’s totally okay.

The thing is a couple of year ago a friend and I made up anti-valentine’s day. We had wine and tiramisu. We went out and danced the night away. For me personally it was one of the best valentine’s days I had had in a long time. It might not feel alright now but it can feel great.

For people with no partner, valentine’s day is just a day. That’s what everyone says right? But it really isn’t. All love declarations and other stuff is thrown on social media and in stores there isn’t running away from it, it follows you everywhere. And that isn’t fun. Expect if you look in your bank account and release that this day doesn’t effect that number what so ever (winning for sure!) Valentine’s day is a day of love so I was thinking. If you don’t have a significant other to love, go on and give yourself some love. Most people don’t do that enough anyway.

So I made you a list of things to do on valentine’s day. You can do it alone or with a friend.

  • Pamper yourself

Have a full pamper night, wash your hair, shave, put on pretty or comfy pj’s, put a mask on. Anything that makes you happy. Read a book, watch a TV show, don’t brush your hair. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you happy.

  • Put on candles

Candles are ridiculously romantic. Now you might be single but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy romance. The same goes for pretty underwear, just because no one might see it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. Rock the romance!

    • Watch a movie

Or your favourite TV show, or read a book. Do something you enjoy. This goes hand in hand with the pamper yourself point. Make yourself happy, it all revolves around you.

  • Give yourself a compliment

People don’t give themselves enough compliments or credit. Give yourself a compliment. Be nice to yourself. You really deserve it.

  • Get yourself a gift

We girls most of the time have a list of things you really want to buy, or rebuy. Even if it’s something small. If you can afford it. I would totally recommend to give yourself a gift, make yourself feel special, because you are. I for example ordered shoes that are going to arrive today which is super exciting.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you do. I for example am going to go to the gym, do some homework (a necessary evil), wait for my shoes and have a pamper night.
Valentine’s day is just a day and it will be over tomorrow. And on the upside at least you didn’t spend a ton of money on your significant other (this makes me laugh because it’s true).

How are you spending valentine’s day?

 Lots of love,

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