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Remington h9100 PROluxe heated rollers

For Christmas Santa brought me a set of hot rollers. And I must admit, I was very pleased. I loved curled hair, I think it fits me very well. It also makes me less likely to fuss with my hair which does make it healthier in the long run. Heat styling your hair isn’t something I have a problem with. Having not gone to the hairdressers for a while it has been more concerning than usual. Yet, I do not see a reason to not do it. If doing your hair and seeing your hair done in the mirror makes you happy. I think you should do it. I even honestly, don’t use heat protecting products. I have in the past wrote about how to grow long hair, and I will make an updated post probably later this year (as it is on the list). I think everyone can have beautiful hair but it has a lot to do with your genetics. My hair is very long making it very heavy. When my hair was short I naturally had curly hair. The longer it got the wavier and eventually the straighter it got. We are fortunate in times like these when we have all the hot tools we desire right under our finger tips.

It took me a while to really get my hair the way I enjoy. I watched all the videos but eventually found a way that worked for me. Which is rolling my hair the way I actually curl my hair. This means that I start at the bottom. I know most people start at the top. I couldn’t however seem to make this work for me on one side of my hair. This means one side would look wonderful and the other half would look very bad. Which honestly that isn’t a look.

I love the way these rollers look. They have a lit and the cord wraps around the bottom. This is great for me as I currently don’t have the place to store them anywhere. So they live on my vanity. Which currently resides in my mothers office. Anyhow, I love how it looks. The colours are very beautiful so it doesn’t botter me that it is displayed. When the rollers are plugged in their is a little red light which lights up. It takes a few minutes to heat up. I usually plug it in, do my skin care and then start rolling. When all the rollers are in I unplug it immediately. Because this way I cannot forget and I have two animals running around. They are smart and stay away from hot objects, yet still better save than sorry.

The set has 20 rollers, which roughly means 10 each side. Usually one of my sides needs more than the other. Mainly because I have a side part and my part goes back very far (which I didn’t know was a thing until a hairdresser told me). Therefor, I have more hair on one side than the other. I always works out in the end. The set contains 12 big rollers and 8 small rollers. The best way I found for me is to use the small ones on the middle of my hair. In this way I can have curl, length and volume.

The rollers have a velvet type of material which is great as it seems to not damage my hair as much. It gives it a bit of healthy silk look from a bit further away. What I like most about this set is that the clips are also heated. Making not only the part where you start rolling heated but the whole hair strand.

So the most important question, whatever do I do then?
I put half of my hair up just like I would do normally when I curl my hair with a wand. I then put the larger rollers on the bottom I use four for my whole bottom. Then I put the rest of my hair down per side. So I usually do left first and then right. I proceed by putting half of this half up once again. For the middle part I use all the small rollers. Then I go on to the top where I use the larger rollers I have left. Starting from the back of my head to the front doing my fringe part the very last. Which means I do it the exact opposite of all the videos I watched. Yet, this seems to work for me. You might also wonder how I make sure to not fry of my ends, as let’s face it this is the most damaged part of the hair. Which for me is due to the length (It goes through a lot, from dressing yourself alone). But also because it is the longest part of your hair. Thus what I do is like you can see in the picture. I start in the middle of my hair. I wrap the ends of the hair around. I will make sure the ends are not directly on the rollers and then I put them in. It is great. I never before noticed that the way I do my hair makes it so that the very back of my hair doesn’t have a roller. This isn’t a bad thing as right under the part of your head where your skull sticks out you should focus a bit more on length whereass the top should have more focus on volume.

Then this is the result, I decided to add two pictures one with flash and one without. So that you can see that it gives your hair a beautiful shine.Β  I am very pleased with this roller-set and I really enjoy using it. The curls do fall out easily when I do not use any products. I have however found that using a styling mouse helps a lot. This might vary for you. As some people’s hair holds curl very well. Besides this, when your hair is very healthy it will also not hold curl the very best. So, your hair not holding curls for the longest time might not be such a bad thing after all.

You can get this set here*, It retails for 49,99 right now.
When I am curling my hair or do it in anyway, I use clips like these to pin my hair in place. They are wonderful especially if your hair is quit soft, because of the grip they will stay in place.
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Lots of love,

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