Are you feeling down? Here are my tips.

Sometimes you feel a bit down and there are things you can do. I am not saying that this will help if you are truly depressed or suffering from any other mental health problems. In those cases you need a bit more help in addition if the sadness does keep on, please visit your GP. Today I want to talk about general sadness, about those days when everything feels a bit too heavy.

Think about the things that make you happy
So sometimes your life feels very boring and you feel like you have nothing cool to do. Think about what makes you happy. Here are some examples: I am happy when… I curl my hair in the morning when I listen to the birds singing. When I find a beautiful piece of classical music, When I play guitar, and so on. Standing still and thinking about things that bring you joy might get you out of a negative thought spiral.

Do something that makes you smile
This is kind of the same thing but do something that makes you happy. Go shopping, go to the movies, go out for dinner, go on a walk I nature. Do something to change the things that you always do. Do something to make your day brighter. Find out the things that make you happy and do those things.

Another good tip is visiting friends and being around people. Happiness is catching. If being around friends is too draining just being in town around strangers who are having a good time might also feel that happiness.

Talk, laugh, cry
It’s good to talk it out or write it off. It can put things into perspective and help you understand whatever it is that got you down. It can also help to be sad or to laugh. It’s good to not bottle up your emotions and to let them go.

Be active
Going for a walk or run. Or even doing yoga in your room may help. Moving your body can help clear your mind and bring about different hormones that might shift you towards being happier. Sitting at home staring at the wall isn’t going to make you happy so do something doesn’t matter how small it is. The small things can make a big change.

Watch a movie or a TV show
This is so good! It relaxes you and gives you a bit of time to just breathe and be happy. It’s a relaxing thing which you sometimes need so plan it for yourself. Plan your free time to watch whatever you like. Just binge-watch a new series it keeps your mind off the things around you and on the show.


And remember that you will be alright and if not? See a doctor about you. Everything is going to be okay.


Lots of love,

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