The age of Adaline (2015)

Blake Lively is my idol in every sense of the word. She is such a beautiful and classy woman. So when I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I needed to see it and Blake didn’t let me down…

Where is it about?

A young woman named Adeline (great name btw) was born at the turn of the 20th century. She got in a car accident and didn’t age another day. After many solitary years, she meets a man who complicates the eternal life she has settled into.



What did I think?

Blake is absolutely gorgeous and I love seeing her in very different looks. I loved it. You saw her ‘throughout the years’. Which I really, really loved. It was such a lovely movie that travelled through time. Blake did a good job giving you the feeling that she was that old and the other people behaved at the people their age which was amazing. I really liked it, it was a feel good, happy movie you can watch with you friends.





Have you seen this film, did you see it?


Lots of love,


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