So my mum is a cat person and so am I. When I was young we had cats but then things happened (we moved and one of them died) and we didn’t have cats anymore. Now allergy runs in the family and my parents didn’t want for us to develop allergy for animals so it was better not to get new cats.

So a bit ago mum and I were talking and I desperately wanted to have a kitten but couldn’t. Because of the changes of all developing allergies. Then we talked about a Sphynx kitten which is basically hairless.

Anyway one thing led to another and when my dad finally agreed and we found a cattery. We got a kitten!!
Her name is Indey and she is a beautiful baby girl who is four months. She is a hairless cat however she has hair around her ears, nose and tail. Besides the coat is not completely hairless but that’s besides the point. She isn’t 100% hairless because the cattery mixes the hairless cats with (in this case) British short hairs. This is because that makes there survival rates bigger. Learn more about the breed here.
So I might blog a bit more later on about this little girl for now I am just very very happy.
Do you want to see more about Indey? click here!

Lots of love, 


and a small kiss from indey

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