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In 2014 when I had just had a boring weekend. I decided to do what I had wanted to do for a very long time, I started a blog. Ever since 2009, I wanted to start a blog but I never dared to. Besides that, Mum said I needed to wait until I was sixteen before I was allowed to start a blog. So when I was seventeen I finally dared to start a blog and that was how my first blog was born. I blogged about everything that I enjoyed from movies to eyeshadows. I loved it right from the start and learned a ton about languages and writing.

In 2015 I was brave enough to go abroad, to the UK, I also blogged about this adventure. Going away at eighteen on your own to a country and a city where you don’t know anyone is quite scary. Writing about it helped a lot. It made me happy at times when I felt upset because I missed my family. It’s also fun for me to look back and see how much I grew as a person. To this day it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. It’s a life-enriching experience.

I had originally thought when I first started that I would blog for about two weeks and see where it would lead me, but I’m not a quitter and I did love it. Here we are five years later and I still blog. Now for the last year and a half, I haven’t felt so inspired to blog. I didn’t love it as much as I once did. Last year was very difficult for me and I fell out of love with blogging. I, however finally thought it through and realized that wasn’t it. I felt that I didn’t have the creative freedom I wanted.

That I couldn’t make my blog and my posts look the way that made me happy. So I started to play with the idea of my place on the World Wide Web. To make it more me, to step away from blogger and ‘break free’. Would that give me the freedom to do what I want with my blog? It might, it might not. I do know that I haven’t felt this inspired and this happy then the past weeks. I have been so excited, planning, and writing posts that I adore. Every single time I open up my blog I am filled with joy. Which is the feeling I had been missing.

Like I said before I have been blogging since 2014 and a whole lot has changed since then. I have learned so much in life and language so I will have posted some posts from my old blog here. They will be dated to their original date which means they will be below this one. I did not post every single one. Only the ones I truly love. This blog is a new beginning for me, for this blog and I hope it will bring me what I was searching for.

I want to welcome you to, my place on the world wide web, I hope you are going to enjoy the content I post here.


Lots of love,

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