Manifest Season 1 (2018) and Season 2 (2020)

When this series first came out, I watched it. We then started season two but due to circumstances I never finished the season and never watched it again. So, when Manifest was put on Netflix, I decided to watch it once again and this time finish the second season.

The series in short
A commercial airliner suddenly reappears after being missing for five years. As those aboard reintegrate into society, they experience guiding voices and visions of events yet to occur, and soon a deeper mystery unfolds.

The trailer

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Season 1
I loved this season, I loved it the first time around and I love it still. It is such an interesting idea that when you would drop out of your life and then drop in again. What would have changed? If everyone thinks you are gone, they are not waiting on you.

People move on, and change paths. Yet, here you are and for you, it has only been a day. The dynamics of the lives of Ben and Mickaela are so different yet so interesting. Having visions on top of that is so interesting. I think that especially in the beginning it felt like such a positive yet scary thing for all of them to find out. I must admit that I do not like the Zeke storyline. I also feel that Mickaela had such growth as a person for all of it to sort of implode in that storyline near the end of the season. Which I found so sad for her as a character and for the story altogether.

The trailer for the second season

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Season 2
This season was interesting, yet it felt a bit redundant. And I just don’t like Mickaela much. This is so odd as she was my favourite character throughout the first half of season 1. I think Jared deserves so much better. I thought the storyline that he was against her was a bit stupid. Also, the fact that everyone can now come back feels silly if that happens often it wouldn’t be breaking news. I feel unsure about how the series will unfold and if I honestly want to watch it. Yet… I will probably tune in for the third season and make up my mind then. And I will probably find myself watching the whole thing till the end if I am honest. We will see, and you will know when I do.

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Lots of love, Melissa

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