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    Dr. Paw Paw lipbalms

    I have been influenced.. do you know Lynda Pearce the make-up artist from shows like Bridgerton? I love her content, I follow her online, and when she said she liked dr Pawpaw. I naturally wanted Dr. Paw Paw, and then…

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    Essence all about matt powder review

    For a while now I have been using a translucent power which I really enjoy. The thing with going on holiday though. It’s not very helpful to take a lose powder with you. So off I went to the drugstore…

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    MAC brow set browgel

    When you don’t feel like doing your brows, especially in summer, a good brow gel is a great product to use. I rarely use brow products as my brows don’t necessarily stick in place I wouldn’t want them to. However,…