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    The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

    Honestly, I wanted to read this book quite badly. It had been quite a while since I had read a psychological thriller. One of my favourite books of all time follows a psychiatrist that basically solves a crime (or rather…

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    Aideen (Slayter brothers #3B) – L.A. Casey

    We have to know about the baby! I needed to tell you about the baby, so before we finish with the brothers we have to talk about the book ‘Aideen’ because we have to know about the baby.  Disclaimer This…

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    Kane (Slayter brothers #3) – L.A. Casey

    As I said before some people have to work hard in their relationship, others are inevitable, and then there is Kane and Aideen. These two would have never been together if it wasn’t for the circumstance. As they are so…