She is that kind of girl

Today I want to talk about something that has been bugging me for a while. The term “basic b*tch” and the sentence “but everyone likes that”. Now hear me out. I like things other people also like. A lot of women like the same things that doesn’t mean it’s bad or stupid. It’s interesting how like the same band as a ton of other girls Is cockered wrong but liking the same football club as everyone else in your town is great. You might have this stereotypical idea about these types of women, you might paint them with a big brush but this isn’t right. Not everyone who wears makeup is the same person as your ex, not everyone who loves skirts is that one girl in high school that wasn’t nice.

You should let people be them and you should be you. You should try to get to know someone find out what they love, what sets their soul on fire, and judge them when you know them. Because you know what? Doing that doesn’t only make you a decent person it also makes you notice that you can be friends with people who are your complete opposites you will find out that you can learn a lot from having different types of friends.

So next time when you see a girl drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino or a low-fat soy latte or whatever else. Before you judge remember; she might not be that kind of girl. Oh and guess what? He might not be that sort of boy either.


Lots of love, Melissa

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