Pamper Yourself

It’s always good to pamper yourself and to relax. I think everyone needs to make time to do nothing, some time is always amazing. We as humans are so busy nowadays and it’s good to shut the world off for a second and to relax fully. It reduces stress levels and makes you able to handle the world better. Around exam times I always try to get some me time even if it’s just ten minutes. It helps, staying up to six in the morning to finish something isn’t going to work well for your body, mind, and overall health. It’s not horrible if you do it once in a while but why would you? Just prepare, so you don’t have to. Schedule your ‘me time’ in, if you are a very busy person. Try to plan it in at first. I did that for a while after a bit I just felt that I needed the time and I do it whenever. I like to pamper myself on Sundays or before I go out. After the exam, weeks are an absolute must. After doing all these tests you are stressed out and tired, which calls for a pamper night.

I love to take a long hot shower, we don’t have a bath and to be honest I am not a bath type of person. Wash your hair, shave your legs, scrub your body, wash your face, and use your favourite shower gel. Do the things that make you feel clean, fresh, and happy. Take time to relax and don’t forget your feet!

Feet are often forgotten, such a shame you need them and only got two so thank them with a little foot massage. After the shower/bath dry yourself and again take your time, you are not in a rush now are you? You can now use a body butter or lotion to hydrate your body. This is up to you but it can make you feel very relaxed.
The following thing is important, take your time and make sure you do what makes you relaxed and happy.

Set the mood

I like to light my candles and put my little lights on. It sets a relaxing mood. I also like to shut my phone off. I don’t want to deal with the drama of other people and I have more than enough other hours in the day to just chat with friends. Besides, my friends know my home phone or where I live. If it is important they can always find me.

What to do?
Pampering yourself is about you so do the things that make you happy however here are some things that I do when I am pampering myself
* Do a face or hair mask
* Put foot crème on your feet, put socks on, and let it relax your feet
* Read a book or magazine
* Listen to some music
* Watch a good movie/TV show
* Write (this helps me to put my feelings out there to collect thoughts.
* Take a power nap.
* Clean, okay I might be weird but cleaning helps me to relax putting a Spotify playlist on and just cleaning my make-up or closet is so relaxing.


The following thing is important, take your time and make sure you do what makes you relaxed and happy. And be sure to not work. I told you about writing but if you have a blog, make sure you don’t blog in your me time. Because this mixes work (even if you love it and do it for free. It is still work).


What do you do when you pamper yourself?

Lots of love,

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