I always have a hard time to relax. The thing is I need to relax to get more energy but I had to figure out what exactly gave me energy and what didn’t. Here are some tips to get right in that relaxing mode.

Accept what is

At my Uni we get a lot of information last minute. Which I have been stressing about quit a bit but there is literally no use for that. I have been trying to accept what is and that everything will turn out alright.

Go to the beach, or go shopping or a city trip even. I will be going to Lille for a short visit the last weekend of summer and it is going to be great and I will hopefully be all relaxed and excited to start the new academic year.

Read, for fun 

Pick a book you wanted to read for a while and just read your heart out for fun. Or listen to a audiobook which is also very good. Or if you don’t like reading much, go watch a movie or series It gets you ready to relax.

Re-read, re-watch old favourites

When I like a series or a film I go all up in it. This is also the reason why I am able to reread and re-watch quit a few films and books. If you are older you’ll look differently at old favourites. I love to watch favourite with a new perspective and see how much I changed and how much I have grown as a person.

Don’t plan

I love planning but I know I can relax a lot more when I don’t so I try to plan my life as little as possible. When I plan what I need to do and what I need to eat I can’t truly enjoy the life around me on a basic level. In the sense that when I have nothing else to do I will just stress about that planning. Which is and sounds ridiculous. But it still happens.
At the end of the day. Make the most of your holiday and spend these last weeks the way you want to spend them. I already want to wish you good luck on the new academic year and enjoy the last weeks of summer!

Lots of love,

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