Happy New Year

The year of new beginnings, of terrible endings. Incredible heartbreak and an immense amount of love. 2018 was the year I came into my own again. Where I learned to enjoy life again. To take a change. I remember what I was made of, and who I am to my core. I am not there yet, not by a long shot but I am so much happier and wake up so much brighter every single day.

I fell in love with things like photography more than I ever had before. I visited Disneyland Paris for my twenty-first. I went to Cologne, I saw Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran live. I ate too many chocolates and drank a ton of cappuccinos. I fell in love with expanding my knowledge at university and fell even harder in love with Verona. I went to Lille, Newcastle, and the gym. I got a backpack and met some amazing new people. I lost a really important person in my life. Which makes me realize how unforgiving life is. How much you should enjoy it. I worked hard at my job and became great at it.

I still do not believe in New Year new me. But I cannot stress enough how happy I am for this year to be over. 2018, you were alright. There is lots of room for improvement, so the only way is up.

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