After (2019)

Alright, let me put it this way. I will not talk about the origins of this story nor my opinions of some of the aspects of the books. I will treat this film as is.

What is the movie about?
A young woman (Tessa for reverence) falls for a guy (Hardin) with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship. Based on a novel by Anna Todd.

The Trailer

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What did I think?
I fully expected not to like it very much and to write a fifty-shades-like post. Which is still one of my favourites to date. Back to this film; It wasn’t half bad. Without spoiling the lot. Was it the best movie/story ever made? No, most definitely not. But was it the most damaging thing I have ever seen? No not that one either. A lot was changed from the source material and it was for the better.  A lot of fighting was cut out therefore you see why they like each other. Hardin is less difficult and less angry. The bet changed, which was miles better. Tessa’s mum was so much better as well, she was kind and the movie felt fast-paced at the start. Other things are a bit slower a bit better like they do not own the apartment they just live there, which is still weird but better. The film on its own is enjoyable. The ending was a bit strange because even if the work is about one of your students it never is alright to give someone’s work to another student. I don’t think Hardin cared but I would be livid.

The books?
Without the success of the book, this would have never been an international film. The books wouldn’t be as successful if they didn’t start as a fanfic. I feel it’s not great for a young woman to think that a boy treating them like utter garbage most of the time is in any way shape or form “couple goals”. So I would say that reading the books isn’t a recommendation


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