The empowerment of the normal girl

When I was a teen everyone was hating on Twilight. That series has a special place in my heart though. Twilight is the first full English book I ever read and that is because my mum read on the internet that it was written in English that was easy to understand.

Is the the best novel ever? No but which are?

The thing that Twilight taught me, and why I liked it so much is because it taught me how valuable and amazing it is to be a normal girl. Let’s face it, most people aren’t extremely creative, smart, or beautiful. That’s not a bad thing, just a real thing. This also doesn’t mean you are an uncreative, dumb ugly person. But simply that you might be alright in some areas, great in others. You are overall great but might not have a special talent that sets you apart or talents that not a lot of others have. Let’s face it most of us are just normal. This doesn’t mean we can’t do great things. This doesn’t mean we can not have an extraordinary life. I think it is empowering for all people but for younger people in particular to learn and to read about others that aren’t that special. People in books and films are amazing, they have the best bodies, date the best boys, have the best personalities, and if they don’t they go through this wicked transformation that makes them so. Twilight on the other hand was/is hated because Bella is dull and why would someone like Edward fall for a girl like her? I am not saying she is, just what is said. There I was at 13 thinking, why would he not? She is smart enough, interesting enough, and good-looking enough. She is good enough, not the best maybe but who is? Everyone is good enough to find love. I needed to hear that when I was younger, as an insecure teenage girl. I think a lot of people need to hear that. You are enough, more than enough to find your special someone. To go to school, to have friends, to be happy. You don’t have to be extraordinary to have a great life. You are blessed with all that you have, all that you are. And all you could be. Why not? Ask yourself that. Why wouldn’t it be me? I’m great, aren’t I? The answer is yes. Yes you are why wouldn’t this great guy like you?Β 

Don’t, not ever underestimate your worth, you might be a normal girl but he/she will see it. All that you are and all that you could be. But before he or she does why don’t you go see that you are extraordinary in all your normal ways.

lots of love,

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