Friends, at last

My personal belief is that people can not be classified into boxes. Humans aren’t black or white, we are all different shades of grey. Some are so grey it is almost black, others are so light grey that it looks like white that is simply washed a couple of times. This might be my scientific nature talking, which I have been developing.

Another belief I hold dear to my heart is that even though people aren’t evil nor bad that this doesn’t mean you need to allow these people in your life. People can be nice, kind, great even but this doesn’t mean they have to be in your life. Some people are fun to hang around with but not good for your mental health. People might not be toxic in general but feel like that to you.

You don’t have to have a good reason, none at all. Because if it feels wrong, it is. I feel that people don’t always listen to their instincts, they don’t listen to themselves to what they truly belief. People shouldn’t cost you your peace.

Just for a while, put yourself first. I have done in the past and I fell out of contact with some people. With others I fell into contact again but maybe, just this once breaking up is good.

Something to ponder over, maybe even helpful.

Lots of love,


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