Happy new year

2016, you are here much too soon then I thought you would be. 2015, you went by tpo fast. I would love to give you a story about all the things that are going to change and how this is going to be MY year. How everything will be going to go amazing. How I am going to change and be a better person… but I can’t because I won’t. I can’t write any stupid stuff like that because it’s rubbish and we all know it. If you really wanted to change, you could have done that already. The first day of the new year you wake up and nothing changed. It’s the same with your birthday, isn’t it? 12 feels the same as 13. 16 the same as 15 and when you turn 18 nothing is different nothing; you are the same as 17-year-old you.

I am not going to change but I don’t think I want to. I have my flaws of course I do, we all do but I like how I am most of the time. So here are the things I will still be doing this year because; Old habits die hard. 

In 2016 I will still..

  • Light all my candles at once and just stare at them
  • Get lost in a book and get worked up if the main characters don’t end up together.
  • Cry at the movies and wipe the tears away before the lights are on.
  • Laugh till my tummy hurts
  • Drink too much diet coke
  • Ask stupid questions
  • Forget to make homework
  • Freak out about nothing
  • Forget to clean my brushes on a regular basis
  • Lose my glasses to find them left somewhere
  • Lose earrings
  • Try to read a classic novel and fail
  • Write down my favourite quotes (one of which is the last page of the last hunger games book) everywhere.
  • Cry for no reason
  • Smile while walking in the rain
  • Close my eyes at the sun
  • Hug the people I love
  • Sit on the kitchen bench even though I am actually not allowed to do so
  • Try smoothie recipes that don’t work
  • Forget about my avocado until it’s overripe
  • Buy to many shoes
  • Google words I don’t know how to spell.
  • Get lost in thought while looking at twinkely fairy lights.
  • Forget to take my phone places.
  • Make pictures of random trees and my feet
  • Go to Starbucks too often
  • Overthink everything.
  • Set big goals for myself
  • Have people tell me I won’t be able to achieve my goals and dreams
  • Prove people wrong
  • Travel (hopefully) and plan future travels
  • Fall in love with the look of the stars and the moon over and over again
  • Lose myself in music, dancing or writing
  • Smile.
  • Blog

What I meant with all of this is that it’s your choice to make yourself happy because no one is going to do it for you. The world and the people around you are not going to make this year ‘yours’. If you want to make it count you need to do that yourself. I had a big laugh writing this I hope you enjoyed it too. HAPPY 2016 and tell me what are you still going to do this year? 

Lots of love,

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