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Let me start off by saying that I have gone back and forth with myself if I wanted to share any of these things. I have found that deleting a lot of personal posts has given me a lot of rest but also made me re-think whatever I want to share. Not that I ever shared anything that I felt was that much too much. But there were things I wouldn’t share today, thus I find myself here. Ten years from now, would this be a good thing to have shared? It’s funny because the personal posts used to come very easily to me and they simply don’t anymore. I have also been thinking about other writings I have been doing and if I want to share them and if I do on which platform that would be best. At the end of the day, as I have said earlier this year I am here for me. I show up every week for me and I don’t think sharing too much or going into very great detail will make any of my goals any less personal and more understandable. But that doesn’t take away that I do want to share, I want us to grow together to learn together. So we might as well…

New year, same old me

The year is 5 months in and we are thus almost halfway through. I thought it would be interesting to check in and check-up. What were the goals you had at the start of this year and how is that going? I do not think I have ever seriously sat down and made goals for myself at the start of the year. I have thought about them sure, but it hasn’t been anything more than a ‘this would be fun’, or ‘I wish life was this way’ than a serious plan. The same goes for vision boards. I have made them but it was more an inspiration session that had clear and actionable goals. This changed last year. I did decide not to scramble the last week of the year by making all my goals, I wanted to be in the right frame of mind. So the first week of the year is when I sat down with myself and decided what I wanted to do. The problem is sticking to those goals. I know, I know… Small steps can make a big difference but I have simply been sitting here.

Small steps

I started the year strong, the first week I was smashing my goals. The second week was harder, the longer you work on goals the easier it gets everyone always says, and then… It was February and I hadn’t been working on my goals and I felt quite upset about it I do admit. In March I tried, and in April I found that I didn’t remember my goals, and it is now May. Thus, I started strong and then it went downhill or rather they went quite flat. I didn’t progress much in my goals as I wasn’t really putting in the time to work on them but I also didn’t digress which is good. It’s the small things really. I have also made some major steps in my private life in terms of friends, health, and fitness. Which are all-round not the massive changes I wanted to make. Nor the changes I felt I ought to change. They were needed and I am all the better for it. Sometimes those changes are good already. Those changes might be the changes worth the celebration. Maybe those will lead you to your ultimate goals. Or they might not but being 1% better than last year is still being better than you were.

Social media

One of my goals was to be more intentional with my social media and to go through my blog. I have been blogging for 10 years now. Frankly, I have shared so much that I wanted to look at these posts and see if I stood still by them today. What I found was that I was a more socially aware teenager than I had thought and that I was always respectful of others. Which truly, props to me, not everyone can say that. The problem was that I repeated myself a lot of the time, or didn’t finish my thoughts. Which frankly is a major way I communicate or so I have found. Not to mention that a lot of posts were very much fillers. Another thing I found was that I shared a lot of very personal information. These are not secrets and I didn’t mind them nor now that people know these things but I wouldn’t share them again today. At some point, I was in this deleting phase and I started to delete everything I felt a bit awkward or I wasn’t sure about. Was that the best choice? No but then I had deleted them already. I made a mistake too by deleting my first book review but I didn’t like the book anyway. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter I do not think there is anyone who is sad now that my thoughts on clothing are deleted. There are things I wouldn’t necessarily say the same way as 16-year-old me but I am very glad that I have this journey of myself online. The thing is, at the end of the day this is for me more than anyone else. I love it if you love but if I don’t I shouldn’t be there. I am ruthless in my Instagram posts for example and I feel I ought to feel happy looking at my blog. I have been having so many issues with my theme and it not working properly but that is a work in progress. In this, I have learned that you are a work in progress too. If you stagnate you are doing it wrong. I love sharing things with you every week and I hope you loved reading the posts too.

This year I have taken a good look at the people around me. Who do I want in my circle? Who do I miss? Who do I want to invest time in? I have been seeking out a lot more interaction with people around me. It has helped me a lot as someone who finds social interactions sometimes a bit difficult to anxiety-inducing. It helps to try, it helps when things work out and even if they don’t it turns into lessons I can carry with me to the next interaction.

Goals not reached
Frankly, I thought I wouldn’t have much to say which is why I went back and forth. But I have actually found that I have done a lot more than I thought I did. Alright, I didn’t lose the amount of weight I wanted, I didn’t go to the gym as much as I felt I ought to but I did reach some goals. I did take steps towards others. I did find that some goals actually weren’t that important for me to work towards. I have found that we still have time to reach our goals and every step was one step we didn’t take last year. This alone is good. Trying is good. Trying can be enough.

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