What a year it has been… This year flew by for me. It might have been all the lockdowns. Or it might have been the fun I was having but it feels surreal that it is over.

Generally speaking, it is really sad that it feels as if time flies by. When you are young time goes very slowly this has to do with the way you experience the world. When you are young every day, every experience is new and exciting making every day different in your mind. Whereas when you are older you see connections, you understand some days are very similar and those days blur together with some different days standing out. In a sense this is sad because your brain has an unlimited capacity to remember things, how amazing would it be if you could experience the world as a child even when you are an adult?

That in a sense might not always be possible but it does make me think. This year had some downs but also some ups. Some I remember so vividly as if experienced by a child while others are more blurry. Yet, it’s the feeling that remains. The feeling of a situation, of a day of a year.

When a year comes to a close I suppose one ought to reflect. As you know I am not one for resolutions so I might not know what the best way to start the new year is. But I do know how to end them.


Happy New Year. I wish you all happiness, health, and love for 2022


Lots of love,

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