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As I have been working out at home I have a lot to say. When my fitness journey started I used to workout at home all the time. I did a blogilates calendar and it was great. I had a ton of time back then so that made it a bit easier. I find that if you don’t have a lot of time it’s difficult to fit it in. Going to the gym requires the effort of going but once you are there you might as well make it a good workout.

Have a plan
I think this is always a good idea especially when you work out from home. The best thing about our current situation is that a lot of people give fitness advice and tips for free. There is so much online, so many tips and plans that you truly don’t have to pay anyone for a good workout. Most people have some dumbells laying around. Mine are 2kg which isn’t much. But it’s better than nothing. If you always wanted to get into fitness but you never felt comfortable to go to the gym. You can now try it at home and see how you like it. As well as the fact that you can schedule your day so that you can go and take walks which is great for mind and body,

Don’t be so hard on yourself
It’s hard when you have more time on your hands due to the fact there isn’t anywhere to go and your commute is completely gone you have time to work out but maybe you don’t want to. I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. If you usually never work out don’t expect yourself to get into it now. Be alright with some work. Working out once a week instead of never is a huge achievement.

Use your environment
So, use the outside. Go for walks in nature. Do sprints in your garden. There are many ways to get fresh air and to get your workout in. Especially now people won’t look because they are trying to stay away from you (and everyone else) as much as possible. I see this as a huge advance.

Your clothes don’t matter
I love workout clothes as much as the next girl. I have beautiful leggings that feel amazing but as I am working out from home I can wear anything as workout clothes.

Last but not least.
Try not to worry, worry fixes nothing. Just do what you can, do what you want and remember that working out should be fun. That should be your top goal.


Lots of love,

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