Work from home routine

This week we found out that I truly hate working from home. I am not made for online school but we need to make the best of it. 

Make your bed

If your office is your bedroom. Make your bed. What I mean by this is clean the things that bother you. So if you do have an office but there are papers everywhere, make sure it is tidy. A tidy workspace is important and something we often take for granted on the job. Even if it’s studying, doesn’t matter. It’s your office now, you can’t escape to the library so you have to do what you have to do.

Watch your back

Use a good chair and if you have something which makes your laptop easier to use so that you do not have to gaze down (it’s not good for your neck) use it. Use the tools you have at home to make your body as nice as possible.

Take breaks

You take breaks at work. You go to the bathroom and fill your water bottle. You go for a walk around lunchtime. Implement those things in your work-from-home routine as they will make your days go by faster. It will make your mind clearer as it is the same as always so your brain will know it’s expected to be in study/work mode. The world will not implode when you take a bathroom break. You do this on the job, you can do it now.

Get dressed

It’s a good thing to get dressed to get you in the work mode. What I also really like to do is to get out of my room between waking up and ‘going to work’ which for some people might not be possible but if you can. Try it. I am not saying that you need to dress up but putting on a jumper and putting your hair in a braid is already much better than pj’s and bedhead.

Be strict

Tell your family to not contact you in your room. Tell them to text or call when they need you. So that you can respond when it is your time. I truly feel that this is the hardest thing because you are at home but you are not. I think this is hard for people to understand. Especially when you do schoolwork as some work needs to be done during a specific time window. I also think you need to be kind to your family and respect their work time as well.

Get away from the office

When you are done working. Get out of your office space. Go for a walk, start dinner, read a book. Unwind the way you usually would. It’s okay to learn, to stumble, to grow. Working from home is a skill that you should practice.

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