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Study with me #2

The thing I was thinking was ‘so much green tea’, this week it was very cold. I liked this week as it was very productive. It involved a lot of studying, a lot of reading but also a lot of fun. When filming this most shops were still closed, so there wasn’t much to do but that doesn’t mean we could not have fun!

My video

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A bit about this video
I go for walks a lot, I love walking I think it’s very good for your body as well as your mind. In this vlog, I am also sharing the way I make my iced coffee. I like iced coffee it’s very lovely. You can also see me cutting up bell peppers, I do this a lot. As then it’s a bit easier for me to incorporate veggies into my meals. This is a very easy and smart way to make sure you consume enough vegetables. There is also a clip of me working at night, I try not to work at night as it makes me sleep less well and it makes me work so many more hours than needed. Yet sometimes as all students know, it’s almost like you have no choice. I do also know that marking your books doesn’t help anything with remembering but to me, it helps with consuming the content and later on when I revise to understand what I found difficult. There was one term where I didn’t do this technique and I saw it in my grades. It might be the idea that it works, but if that results in better grades I will do it.

Lots of love, Melissa

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