Preparing for a new semester

Spring semester is upon us and I truly like the classes I am taking this semester. Last semester I took psychopathology 1, stats 3, an experiment and registering training, constructing a questionnaire, and clinical neuropsychology. I suppose I enjoyed most of my classes. Next semester I am taking the classes: professional conversational skills, stats 4, neurodiagnostics, and last but not least psychopharmacology. The first two I take the first term, the second one the second term. Prepping for a new semester is different for everyone. I would however like to tell you what I do.

Buy the books, I know that in some schools and courses people hardly use the books. I know that in mine a ton of people study with pre-made summaries which can work. I do find it nice to have a raw copy of a book. I like to read and understand the material a lot better. I do feel that I should be a bit more proactive when I do not understand the material completely. Anyway so I get the books, I use the book completely as well. I write in it and stuff. You can also get a second-hand book as it’s cheaper. I like to have the newest edition as it would break my heart to get something wrong because I have the wrong book. I get a bit paranoid about things like that.

I get my syllabus out. We get our syllabi online so I get them and read through them. Marking important information and putting the dates and readings into my agenda. Therefore I know what the class expects from me and what I need to do to pass the class.

So I put everything in my agenda, I put tabs in my books so that I know which chapter I need to know when (as we do the whole book in 8 weeks). I assign a notebook to my subjects. And then I simply, start. Which is the hardest step of all. More on that later.

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