Friendship is different for everyone, even within your friendship not two relationships will be the same. There is joy in that but sometimes friendships can be hard. It can feel as if you put much more of yourself into the friendship than the other, or it can feel like you are no longer on the same wavelength. I also think that you aren’t the same person with everyone. It doesn’t mean that you are fake, being a bit different is not wrong. With some friends, you can joke around while with others the conversations are much more serious. Through the people around you learn about yourself. What you like, what you enjoy, and what you find important.

I know it’s a lot of people’s opinion that you cannot be friends with the opposite gender. I find this to be odd, does that also mean you can’t be friends with a girlfriend that likes girls? Of course not. Just because you like each other as friends doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mesh well as a couple. Friendship doesn’t mean you have to see each other all the time, the best sort of friends are those that you haven’t seen for months and after five minutes it feels as if no time has passed. It’s knowing that you are there for one another, it is telling each other what you think. Asking each other for advice, and laughing about things that happened in life. It’s being honest and truly being yourself without that being a problem. It’s liking each other for just being you.

Other people have lots of opinions about friend groups or interpersonal relationships but friendship isn’t about seeing problems and already solving problems before they happen. There has to be trust and problems will be solved when they happen. If you stress a lot about your relationship it will be hard to maintain them. There are people in this world who make your world a bit better and that person is a friend. If you found someone like that. Keep them close, it doesn’t matter who they like or who they are. If it feels like friendship let no one take that away from you. A best friend for me is someone who cares and listens if I need them to. Someone who wants to try new things because I enjoy them, the same is the other way around. They want to show me the things that they love because the things that you love to do make you who you are. If you don’t support or understand that as a friend, why are you friends? Tell me secrets and opinions but also give me room to do the same.


To conclude a good friend is:

– Someone you can talk to about everything
– Having mutual respect for one another
– Don’t step away from friendship because of problems that might happen in the future
– Trust is the most important thing about friendship
– Being able to be interested in someone else’s hobbies
– Friendship doesn’t only teach you about others but also about yourself
– Don’t stress about it, friendship happens when you are nice and interested in others. Just be a nice person and nice people will come along


Lots of love,

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