The Queens gambit (2020)

When this series came out, I watched it and wrote this review. I never posted it, not because I do not stand behind my words but because everyone loved it so much. It felt kind of silly for me to but in saying what I felt. I stumbled upon my review and I still stand by it. I remembered that you read my blog because you want my review, not only the good but my honest opinion… The thing is simply, I hate to be this person. I really, truly dislike making a post about something I have this opinion on. However, I feel that I have something to offer. But, to put all cards on the table. I truly didn’t like it, not at all. I am not at all sure why, I simply don’t. Now I do want to explore this a bit further in this post.

What is the series about?

Orphaned at the tender age of nine, prodigious introvert Beth Harmon discovers and masters the game of chess in 1960s USA. But child stardom comes at a price. I got this information here

The trailer

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What did I think?
I was apprehensive at first when I watched this series, I had heard about the substance abuse in this story and I feel in a way that this kept me from starting. Not because it can’t be done well but because I have taken so many classes on psychopharmacology and drug abuse. I know what it does to someone’s brain and I couldn’t quite figure out why how they could make it seem as if this would help Beth with her chess game.

But still, make sure that young adults see the dangers of taking drugs (prescription or not) More on that later. I like chess, I never got the game just right though. My brother used to play and he tried to teach me but it never worked. Because I think differently than he does. So I didn’t get the way he looks at the game. Knowing what I know now I should have just read a book about it. Back to the series. I liked the visual of the series, that was done so incredibly well. Not only that but also the transition between young Beth and adult Beth was phenomenal.

The thing is, I do not get Beth’s allure, not at all. I think that if you do that this whole series has a different feel and I can see why and how you would enjoy it. Beth for me, is just sad. I truly feel sorry for her and I want to get help. The whole time I hope for her to get better, to seek help. Because stopping cold turkey is hard let alone dangerous. It can cause damage and shouldn’t be done, especially without a professional. People in the series, and beyond, love Beth, they do. But I don’t love Beth, therefore I couldn’t love this series.

I want Beth to be better, for her to believe in herself. I loved that eventually, she did. But it was so unrealistic, the way she stopped using. There are serious consequences to abusing substances and she got none of those. It’s very unrealistic and it gives a bad impression to people watching it. I think drug abuse is a serious problem and if you get prescription drugs you should (obviously) take them but be cautious about the length of time used, as well as when you stop. If you stop using a drug, talk to a professional about it. The series made me feel a bit angry because this is such dangerous information. As well as the fact that I didn’t connect with the character. On a visual and story level, it was a good series, it simply wasn’t for me.

Have you watched The Queen Gambit? What did you think?


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Lots of love, Melissa 

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