Digitally free.

Have you ever lived without your phone for an extended period of time? I don’t want to judge but you probably haven’t. Here is the thing neither have I. I do however know that I could.

A phone is one of those things I would say I can not live without but I know I could and I understand how unimportant it is. A phone is something so unnecessary but it can sometimes feel like a lifeline. We live in a completely digital world where you are expected to be online and ready to chat every hour of the day.

Even at a concert of on holiday everyone is always just taking pictures and while doing so you are missing the real fun. My Nan told me a story once about a holiday she went on and she (or someone else I can’t remember, and knowing my Nan. it might not even be true) was on a boat and there where all these dolphins so she made photos a whole bunch of them. While being busy making photos she was forgetting to enjoy life and to really see the dolphins.

Taking it back to me, in the period I was the most happy (when I lived in England) I exactly have no photos. I have some that I made for Instagram or to sent to someone and that is it. Funny thing is that the way I look back (in my mind) on that period of my life it doesn’t matter that I have no photo’s because it is just love and happiness that fills me when I think back at that season of my life.

I was at a concert once and the performer asked everyone to put away their phones. To just enjoy the song. Now I hardly take pictures or videos when I am at a concert. This is someone I grew in. My first concert at 16, I have so many photos and videos at which I exactly never look. Not that I regret it. My place was so far away that my phones was a spectacular of binoculairs. Anyway I love just feeling the music and the vibe. So being at a concert now I take a photos at the start, like I am here can you belief it? And then sometimes I share some funny or cool bits. When the whole crowd does something cool for example. But for the most part, I just feel. I think that is what music is all about. Just the feeling and the vibe. Oh taking it back to that one performer, the girl in front of me had her phone in my face the whole time. And during that song she didn’t stop. I truly think it is sad that you can’t even listen to someone that asks you nicely to put your phone away. Especially when you are supposed to be a fan but I digress.

I think this is a skill that people now a days need to learn. We need to teach our children the importance of being offline. The importance of really being in the moment. My friends and I rarely use our phones while we are eating together. We either put them away or put them together not touching them until the dinner is over. If you can’t connect with people in real life. If you can’t just live fully in the real world. You truly have a problem.

Through being alone you can find yourself, through being by yourself you can learn to connect. With yourself as well as others. I will write more about this in the future but disconnect from time to time. Worst case scenario you will appreciate the digital world more, best case scenario: you fall in love with everything life has to offer.

Lots of love,

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