what we can learn from ‘last Christmas’

I went to see this film, between Christmas and New Year’s even the guy at the theatre thought that was weird. We are fully into January now and I just got around to talking about it. This movie sparked my interest in doing it a bit differently this time around. I loved this film, I recommend it. I will include spoilers from here on out so be aware. This is my idea about what we can learn from the film last Christmas

Fall madly in love with the world, a boy but most of all with yourself.

Finding yourself is something a lot of people do but falling in love with yourself is something a lot of people find hard. We follow Kate on her journey to fall in love with the world again. Which can be hard after an illness. She falls for a boy but ultimately she falls in love with herself. Which is something we should all strive to do.

Look up

Tom shows Kate that looking differently at things makes them different. When looking up, or down or sideways whatever you choose. Looking at things from a different perspective might show you things that you have never seen or thought of before. It’s such an interesting way to learn things and to grow, taking a different approach, and a different perspective will make you grow.

You are normal which is special

As someone who was also sick at a young age, I understood and liked Kate better than I usually like people in films. I understood so well what she was saying about it being really hard to just be ‘normal’ because on one hand you are but you can’t be because of what you have been through. Tom however shows Kate that ‘normal’ can be good. Being normal can be special. And illness or lack thereof doesn’t define who you are. This is such an important lesson that I feel a lot of people need to hear.

The best time of year is what you make of it

It can be bad but it can also be amazing. It can be a special time in December. But like ‘Santa’ you can find a bit of Christmas in every day. If you want to have a special festive life you need to take steps to achieve this dream.

How awkward they are, family is family.

Family (and friends) are important. Whoever you find is special to you, tell them. Spent time with them. Let your Nan fill you up with cookies, roll your eyes when your uncle says something weird and laugh when your mum takes a picture. Looking back at family events how terrible, awkward and annoying they might be. You will look back and remember the good things, the way it felt. You can make it feel good, you just need to try. Be happy, radiate light and people will follow. Besides that most families are a bit crazy!


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