Holidate (2020)

Alrighty, we are back and once again isn’t it almost Christmas? Times fly by when you are having fun, we are not yet ready to count the days… But here we are again with a Christmas film review. The thing with Holidate is that it isn’t necessarily a Christmas film but the end plays out around Christmas time which is enough for me.

What is the story about
Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way.

The trailer

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What did I think?
A quick PSA for everyone who smokes. Mints don’t do a thing. A mint smell mixed with a cigarette smell, I know some people think that is nice. For me personally not so much. What I noticed when watching this film was the amount of drugs that are used around children. I do not care if marijuana is legal or not, you shouldn’t use drugs in front of your children. Especially when they could potentially breathe it in, drugs can have very serious effects on everyone but especially on the brain of a young developing child.

I think the idea of a ‘holidate’ is interesting as it does kill the questions from the family.  I also think this is a fun way to relax around the holidays instead of taking a boyfriend you just met home. The thing with this is, that I love spending time with my family. And I believe that short not yet serious relationships don’t need a spot at the Christmas table. But I do see the other side where you might feel left out when everyone brings a date but you. What I do not understand is why they then went and told her family about it. Isn’t it more of a private matter? Like you bring your Holidate but everyone else thinks you are friends or dating? I might not get the concept as much as I thought.

At the end of the day though this film is exactly like every other Hollywood film on the planet. “Two people that are attracted to each other can’t have a meaningful relationship with one another without making it physical” which in a lot of ways is a very easy plot to make a film out of.  Once two people who are attracted to each other get physical they get into a relationship in movie land but in real life, this isn’t always the way this goes. Honestly, at this point, it has become a bit of a bore to have stories that keep on doing the same thing.  I would have liked the film better if there was a bit more conflict. Or if they didn’t end up together. Or that they did but that they tried to keep it a secret from the family if the storyline was that they thought this would happen. I would have enjoyed that more I think instead of just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

I liked Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, their friendly chemistry did translate through the screen. I also thought the scene with the ex-boyfriend was funny and done well. I did enjoy watching it but it wasn’t the best. I do think if I want to watch such a film in the future this wouldn’t be my top pick. I do think that if you like the actors that play in this film, you will enjoy it. In that case, I do recommend it.

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