Spring 2021, clothing haul

Earlier this week I started a TikTok, you can watch the video here. But I also wanted to share in writing that I got some clothes. All the clothes are from Monki, which is a store I like to shop at. Mainly because they like their clothes to be sloughy and long. Now I do not like those things but for all my tall girls. Their trousers are amazing. The ankle grazers hit the ankle. And the rest is exactly the right length. High waist yet still long enough.

First, I got these trousers, they were actually on sale for 15 euros, the elastic waistband and straight leg make them feel like pajama bottoms. They do look very smart which is a look I go for but the legs don’t drown my figure out, which is always a concern with trousers like these

I got some high-neck tops, this is a staple in my closet. I love them and I find they fit my body type and the way I enjoy dressing very well. All of them were roughly 15 euros. 

First off I got a black turtle neck the one I had became a bit grim and I get the wear out of them because I just love these in autumn but also in spring with a skirt. This one has a faint stripe which I like. The effect is really pretty. It’s thin enough that a blazer over it is still nice but wearing it alone is also possible. 

I also got a white high neck, I love these under pinafores when a jumper gets too hot. It’s also a classic piece to have in your closet. This one is soft which I enjoy. 

I also got a scalloped neck, they also look like that around the arms. Another thing I like about Monki is the length of the arms, it’s exactly the way I love wearing my clothes.

I got these smart trousers, they are more of an ankle model on me but Gosh I love trousers like these, I think a small belt would look great with this, I think I can get a lot of wear out of this one with a  button down. I absolutely love this piece, I paid 25 euros for these trousers

This skirt is my absolute favourite clothing item of the season. I have been wanting a midi skirt for a long time now. Yet I never found one that I loved and that looked like the right length on me. I am just under 5’11 with most of my length in my legs so midi skirts can look very odd, yet this one doesn’t. I love the cream buttons. The back is elasticated. It’s a very soft almost silk-like material. The print is adorable and why I had to have it. It’s the most wonderful skirt I will get a lot of use out of.  The skirt was 25 euros.

Finally, I bought this white shirt. It’s one of those oversized shirt. a simple white shirt with a bit of a higher collar which I like. I got it because the sleeves are long, I like longer short sleeves and I feel they are more flattering and decrease the chances of awkward stains on a hot summer day. This shirt was 15 euros, which is a fair price for a shirt like this. It’s a bit thicker than some other shirts I have which I nice as it’s white.  Those are all the items I have added to my wardrobe. For beauty reviews click here, for more fashion click. And have you already seen my video?  Finally happy easter Sunday.


Lots of love, Melissa

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