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MAC brow set browgel

When you don’t feel like doing your brows, especially in summer, a good brow gel is a great product to use. I rarely use brow products as my brows don’t necessarily stick in place I wouldn’t want them to. However, when I ordered from MAC, I got this brow gel to try, and I must admit that I have been using it a lot.

What does MAC say about their product?

A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape while adding shine and style.
Benefits: Long-wearing- 8 hours, Keeps brows in place all day, non-flaking, Non-clumping, Sweat Resistant, Humidity Resistant, Ophthalmologist-tested. Read more about them here.

What do I think?
This product stays in place really well even though it has been so hot here. I can’t say how this would be if you have many brow hairs or if your hair is really thick. As mine is not that way, I cannot express how that would be. I usually brush my brow hair down and then in the model I like. This routine makes my brows look nice and, like I said, in one place for a full day.

I enjoy using this product, especially now, when it is summer. However, I feel it doesn’t add enough to my routine to spend the nineteens euros on it.


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