Emily in Paris Season 2 (2021)

It’s time for my review of the second season of Emily in Paris. And gosh…I watched it in a day and a half.

Season 2 in short
Emily is still living in Paris. Feeling guilty about having slept with Gabriel. Being a terrible friend in the whole process. While still blowing everyone away with her amazing ideas.

While getting very Parisian in her work ethic. And mainly ‘parisian’ in the way this series defines it.

The trailer

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My thoughts on the series
The Americanness is still very prevalent in this series and I must also say that I do not like the way the series portrays all the other European countries as well. Good or bad doesn’t matter. For a series thought of by a country that has its mouth full about inequality in media. They sure portray Europeans as one big stereotype. It’s a shame that Emily is living in Paris and thus Europe and is still so very ignorant. There is no excuse for that. Mindy is still my favourite character. I am here for her as a persona and her storyline.

Throughout the series, I do not understand one bit why on earth Emily wants Camille and Gabriel back together. She is only friends with Camille to steal her man, she did just that. And now she desperately wants them together? Then she meets a new guy who at first is a total a-hole and turns into a sweet person when they start dating. For all of it to implode and for us to be right where we left off in the first season?

Towards the end of the series, Madeline suddenly goes to Paris when she is about to pop. Gabriel suddenly moves in with Camille when they have been together for a second. Everybody leaves their job and Emily gets the chance of her life to stay in Paris. The most annoying thing is that Emily loves Gabriel and he loves her and we spend the whole season watching Emily sabotage herself. For no good reason. I think the series has to come back with a better storyline for me to keep watching the rest of the show. The shots of Paris though… never get old.


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Lots of love, Melissa

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