Jack Reacher: Never go back (2016)

When I first started reading or rather listening to the Jack Reacher book series. I started somewhere in the middle. This taught me that it’s a good thing when books somewhat repeat themselves to be a stand-alone. Having said that wouldn’t you know I did the same thing with the movie? When I started watching it I realized there was another one that came out first and I do admit I was thinking about watching that one first. Then I thought, Nah… It will be fine.

The movie in short
Jack Reacher is an ex-major of the military police. In his retirement, he is put into a situation where he must uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear his name while on the run as a fugitive from the law.
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The trailer

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My thoughts

I loved the very beginning of the movie, it was great. The rest of the movie was honestly quite boring adventure scenes paired with some decent dialogue. I do also admit that I like the book this one was based on the least. Which I didn’t figure out until I saw the daughter line play out. I do however think this is one film you can watch with people who like action movies. It wasn’t too bloody and it was interesting till the very end. It wasn’t a film I loved but it was very much enjoyable. I also like to say I liked the cast, I think it fitted the people in the book very well. Which as we all know doesn’t always happen

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