Tell me who I am (2019)

This documentary was on my Netflix list for a while. I downloaded it when I took a trip with my parents and I watched it in the car. This was an interesting documentary. The people in this documentary are so very vulnerable with sharing their lives.

The story in short
Alex loses his memory after an accident he trust his twin brother Marcus to tell him about his past. But Marcus doesn’t tell Alex everything.

The Trailer


If the video doesn’t work, click here.

My thoughts
This story broke my heart into a million pieces but you can clearly understand from both sides. Alex is living a life where he doesn’t know or understand some of the things Marcus does because he has a different view of their life. He doesn’t get it when Marcus isn’t sad about his parents dying.

He doesn’t understand who he is fully because there is something he doesn’t know about. Marcus has something terrible happen to him and he saw it also happen to his brother. He knows how it feels to know, how badly he wants to forget.

He thus feels that he cannot burden his brother with that information not only for his brother’s sake but also for his own. This is understandable but very difficult if you are a person who doesn’t know of course.

This story is so deep and complex but interesting too. Because there is no clear right and wrong, when the truth is out you can see that nothing is standing in between them anymore.

I do recommend this documentary it was heartbreaking but an interesting watch. If you ever yourself been violated I wouldn’t watch this documentary as I think it would be a bit too graphic. I wouldn’t want anyone to put themselves in harm’s way like that.


Lots of love, Melissa

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