The Vow (2012)

Some films you watch never really leave you. Even if you never really think about them for very long. This one, I remember watching it for the first time and just crying all the way through. This was far before I ever had any sort of degree in neuropsychology. I did wonder if I would look at it in any different sort of way this time around.

The film in short
A car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo works to win her heart again.
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The trailer

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My thoughts
How scary it must be to not remember anything that happened in the last 5 years of your life. I do regularly wonder about things like that. The brain is so interesting but it is also so devastating to think about its vulnerability. Although very unlikely things like this can happen with your memory never coming back. It is a wonder this woman does not suffer from any additional problems as it must have been a very extended brain injury.
I would have loved to see how difficult it was for Leo as I felt we didn’t get that enough. The thing is though, you grow so much in your twenties. To lose all of that, I think is so incredibly sad. I found it interesting that they mentioned that her hand remembered what her mind did not. This is very true.

Your motor memory can be intact while your mind does not remember much of anything. It must be hard even if you fall in love with each other again I think it will always feel like this other person came into your love much later than you did. The shared love, the passion, the happiness. All those little moments that made it so worth it. Those are gone and even though you can rebuild the love it is not the same as I can imagine. Thus, I did some googling. Turns out I was right and they got divorced. In this, I don’t like to be right but I think that it is not surprising. I googled some and found people’s opinions and I must say I do get why people are upset. But imagine for a second always having this between you where you feel that there is this woman that you loved with all your heart and she looks at you and doesn’t remember the things that made you fall in love, the things that made you want to get married.  They had good times, they had two children,  it is indeed very sad.

To come back to the film though, it was fantastic. I thought it was amazingly done. I liked how Paige made the decisions she always would have made and that Leo told her straight up that he had nothing to do with that as they met after this. I think the movie Leo and Paige are living happily ever after because in movies things are easier in a lot of ways. Honestly, this one is the film that you ought to watch when you need a good cry. It has all the happy and all the sad tears.

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