Outlander Season 1 (2014)

I think I have found one of my favourite series . The series is based on a book series from Diana Gabalon. My mum read those books so when she found out there was going to be a series she dragged me out of my room sat us in front of the tv and put this series on.. I must say I fell in love.

What is the story about?
It’s 1946 the second world war is over and nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall visits Scotland with her husband while there she find herself being transported back in time. To Scotland in 1743 where she encounters a rebellion in the highlands where she meets the handsome worrier Jamie Fraser.

The Trailer


If the video doesn’t work, click here.

What did I think?
I loved it, every last bit of it. I love history and love stories, I love all of it. Every episode is around 45 minutes. Which is amazing because that is a pretty long time. I enjoyed the cast and I think they are all chosen well for their characters. It looks like the real deal due to sets and costumes.

I enjoyed watching it so much and I can’t wait to see the next season. Every episode had a new twist and turns that you never see coming. The way they do love and everything attached to it in this series is so good. They make it so raw and so real. Also, the clothes and the music are amazing. I highly recommend this series to everyone.

You can now watch Outlander on Netflix! Have you seen the Outlander already?

Lots of love,

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