Adventure Abroad

Changes in hair and finding myself

Personally, I believe that being abroad brought me closer to myself. It wasn’t really that I found myself. I mean I wasn’t lost but finally doing whatever you want to do is so nice. Not that I normally listen to the people around me if I think something is cool or interesting, it’s cool no matter what anyone else says. For example, I have been liking One Direction since 2010, and no matter what anyone says it isn’t going to change because of others. It did change a bit over the years. It’s very much lowkey the way I am with most artists I suppose. Being a fan of a band has been an interesting and new experience I think.

Anyway, how I found myself… It’s basically like this: I don’t have to justify my thoughts, actions, and choices. It’s different from being home, I can’t explain it really but it’s different. It’s not that I can’t do whatever I want at home, I mean I can I have the easiest going parents but it’s in you, isn’t it? Talking to Mum about your day, asking Dad if it’s okay to go to the city. Not that they will say no but it still feels like asking for permission. I have less than a month left and I can’t wrap my head around that fact. I am going to leave my beloved Newcastle. I already know that when I leave, I have to come back even though I am not even I need to go back and I am not even gone yet. I fell in love with New Castle. It truly feels like home now and it’s crazy that it’s only been a short amount of time.

Let me give you an update about my life.
The school has been great it is routine now. Mum came over because it was the half-term holidays. It was amazing having her but not seeing her for 8 weeks and then seeing her a lot in four days was so different. We loved it though. It was great. We went to town, to the metro center (which is a shopping mall). We went to a One Direction concert, we visited Durham in the rain, we saw the bridges at night. I wanted to show Mum how much I love New Castle. It brought me so much energy and happiness, that I wanted to share some of the magic with her. She understands now, no one can walk along the quayside and not love it.

On Saturday I had a really important appointment. I got my hair done. I went to Fenwick in the centre of Newcastle and got my hair done by Charlie who did an amazing job. I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out. She made the bottom part of my hair blonde. I will go into it a bit more in another post but I adore it.

Which brings us to this week, to today. I haven’t had a good week, I had a massive migraine attack and needed to leave school before we started. I am feeling better now after two days. My head still hurts but I don’t feel like I am moving all the time when I am not. I have had migraine before but never this bad. I don’t want to get into it that much if I am honest. But I feel things are looking up for me and I can’t wait to make the most of the final part of my journey abroad.


Lots of love,

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