Drinking water

Let’s talk about why a water bottle is a must have in your purse. What do you take to work or to school for a drink? is your answer water? Because mine is, and it has been for a very long time. Water is very super healthy for you. We are made of water for the most part, water doesn’t have sugars, calories and a different taste in every place. To all the people telling you that water doesn’t have a taste, it does, it truly does. When I lived in England the water tasted so different however it isn’t a big massive change. Water is one of those things you just kind of need to learn to drink if you don’t like it because water is so amazing for you.

Did you know that water:

  • Helps you feel fuller which makes it easier to lose weight
  • That you can be thirsty when you think you’re hungry (which goes hand in hand with the weight loss)
  • That it helps your skin to be less dry and healthier which can help with acne (say goodbye to pimples)
  • It helps you feel better because it flushes out toxins
  • It helps if you have cramps (honestly my crams are always worse if I haven’t been drinking enough water.
  • It can help if you have headaches
  • Your teeth won’t be damaged as much as other drinks. So healthy, white teeth for a lifetime everyone wants that right?
  • But it’s hard to remember to drink water
  • Okay if you take diet coke with you? You drink it, right?
  • If you take a juice with you, you drink that right?
  • The same goes for water. Take it with you, you will drink it more.
  • If you don’t like water you can do the following things
  • Add lemonade (not exactly zero calories anymore but it’s sweeter and it helps. and hey it’s better than coke
  • Add cucumber, it changed the flavour try it
  • Drink it in the morning and evening just one glass (it’s more than none now is it)
  • Drink tea (still water)
  • You will get used to the taste (sorry but you eventually will)

This goes for fruit too. If you like fruit but don’t really have the time to eat it, just take it with you. You will eat it when you take it with you. Being hungry is a funny thing it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as it is food. Water is just healthy. You should drink it more often. And eat fruit and wear a coat and now I’m sounding like a mum but seriously all those juices and fizzy drinks aren’t going to make you feel the best you can feel.

So start slowly for example:

I will drink water with my dinner or

I will start my day with a cup of tea each morning or

I will take a water bottle to school/work.
The small things make it work, trust me. One step at the time.

“Water is one of those things you just kind of need to learn to drink”

So wherever I go, I always take a bottle of water. I have a great water bottle called dopper it’s wonderful because you can drink out it normally or screw the white part of it and then it’s a glass. I’ve had mine for years. I actually have a blue one and a red one and I used to have a pink one. My mum bought it for me years ago. It’s good quality so it doesn’t break and doesn’t leak if you screw the top on. Besides that, you can put it into the dishwasher, so it’s cleaned properly. Anyway when I got it no one knew the bottles. It’s a project to let people drink more water and you can fill it on all these points all over the country for free. I loved mine because you can refill it, it fits under every sink because you can screw the white part off.  Some people laughed at my bottle because they thought it was funny, because a lot of teachers had it too. Seriously I have loved it from the start. So now everyone has this bottle. It’s this cool thing now and I find that so funny. When people make you feel weird for drinking water, let them. You are being healthy and you might actually be a trendsetter as well.

I have had mine for years now and I still adore it. I think you shouldn’t buy a water bottle just for the sake of having a cute water bottle that makes you popular. Drinking water is just really important.

“When people make you feel weird for drinking water, let them.”

If you want a water bottle buy one that fits you best, one that you love and adore not one that everyone else likes and you don’t. Try to find a thin one (that it isn’t this big thing in your bag) and can fit under a lot of sinks. Carrying a bottle will make you drink more water it’s this reminder that you take with you. Just try, it will work!

What do you do to make your water taste the best?

Lots of love,

*this post was altered and rewritten to fit this blog. The original post went live on 10/11/15

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