NYX Cream Blush in Tea Rose

In life, I learned that less really sometimes is more. Now I always loved a harsher blush because that`s how I love to do my makeup. I still decided to try this blush. I also am not that big of a fan of cream products. However, cream blushes are great in summer when you (or just me) want to have a lovely glow without it looking (and feeling) like you have a ton of makeup on. I wrote about this product before and promised an in-depth review.

NYX Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that is part of the L’oréal group. The company was founded in LA by Toni Ko. The company was started in 1999, it was named after NYX, a Greek goddess of the night.
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The texture and formula
I feel the product is quite dry when you put it on but when you blend it out. It’s quite nice to blend and it doesn’t feel as dry. It’s also not drying on the cheek. The blush doesn’t smell that nice it smells quite chemically which is the only thing I dislike about this product.

The colour is pretty it’s a mix of pink and coral. It’s one of those colours that look quite nice and a very natural colour that you can build up to make it even more stand out.


Remember that the colour might look different on your skin (your texture and tone might be different from mine). This product retails for around 8 euros and contains 3,5 grams/0.12 US. OZ.

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