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Disneyland is a place where I have always loved going. As a young girl, we went quite a lot because we were fortunate enough to go a bit cheaper through my dad’s work.

When I was two and a half I went to Disney for the first time. Now the story is that I was awake for the whole day because I am afraid to miss something (mind that that’s pretty good for a two-year-old). So at night, they had a fireworks show and I saw the footage a lot. There is a time when Tinker Bell lights the tower and it’s dark for a second and then the fireworks start. In that second of darkness, I fell asleep. Therefore the fireworks at Disney have always left a special place in my heart. It was the only thing I had missed to get the full Disney experience. I redeemed that years ago but still, I love the fireworks. I love Disney and because we went so often, I know the park like the back of my hand. I know where things are and what attractions are worth the wait, which once are not. I can tell if they slightly changed some things.

So when I was talking to Mum about what I wanted to do when I turned twenty-one I told her hands down ‘Disney’. So my parents made it happen. Twenty-one is a very special age in my family so it was nice to do something with the family to celebrate this special age.

We stayed at the new Port Bay Beach Club. Which is a lovely hotel but it’s so big that it takes a long time to go from one part of the hotel to another part. We had stayed there before. They also have a pool and a fitness center. Now we didn’t use those but it’s nice if you would like that. Disney has upped their security which takes a long time especially if you just want to get something at your hotel but I do get it and it does make you feel safe in the parks itself.

I went to Disney and I had an absolute blast. I love Disney and the last couple of times I keep thinking I should go to Florida and go to Disneyworld. So I might do that in the future. Anyway, I had the best time at Disney and got a few items as well. I saw a lot of the Disney characters and I am glad they brought the characters back. because last time we went we saw none but now there were a ton which brought in a lot of magic.

Lots of love,

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