The Oberhausen Christmas Market

Ever since I was a little girl, my family and I have visited Germany on quite a regular basis. Because Europe is quite small you can easily drive to another country for a weekend getaway or simply a day of fun. When we go to Germany we go to the city Oberhausen, there is this big shopping mall which we all adore. Every year they have a Christmas market which is amazing. So when December rolled around we decided to go again. We had the loveliest time. I shot a view pictures and want to give you an impression of the market. It’s a total recommendation. Germany is very good in Christmas decoration.

They have this slide that you can slide down on, how cool is that? I find things like that pretty scary and it was freezing so I decided against it.

This stand has grilled salmon and it is the best. It tastes so lovely, especially when they put it on a bun. It’s so nice and I adore it very much. Best salmon, I have ever tasted to this day.

They sell these hearts with funny and lovely messages on them. You can eat them, but it’s more of a decoration piece. It’s so sweet though. They sell a bunch of sweets on the market. I got a lovely bear from Lindt, which is a chocolate company.

The whole market has these stands, that are the same every year but how lovely do these little houses look? They remind me of the Hansel and Gretel story. They sell everything from jewellery, and tea to hats. The decorations are also fab.

I ate some amazing churros, they were really fluffy and freshly made.

Also, the whole mall is decorated and in the food plaza part there is this amazing Christmas tree.

I did some shopping and went to Starbucks where we got our drinks in the red cups. I had a lovely time at the Christmas market even though it was very busy. Happy Christmas, I hope you enjoy this time with your loved ones. Did you go to a Christmas market this year?

Lots of love,

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