Emily in Paris Season 1 (2020)

When this series came out, I watched it all in one night. Here we are with a review today.

The story in short
Emily in Paris follows Emily, a driven 20-something American from Chicago who moves to Paris for an unexpected job opportunity. She is tasked with bringing an American point of view to a venerable French marketing firm. Cultures clash as she adjusts to the challenges of life in Paris while juggling her career, new friendships and love life. I found this information here

The Trailer

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My thoughts
This show gives a very American view of Paris. Almost every time an American show goes to Europe they show all the sightseeing things, having the person stick their head out of the window in awe. It’s a bit over the top, especially because things like that don’t really happen, it’s always busy, especially in big cities like Paris. The roads are a madhouse, so sticking your head out of the window soaking it all in, doesn’t really happen. I did find Emily’s Americanness funny like she couldn’t remember that the first flour is not the ground floor. However, I did find it odd that she kept forgetting so much. You would think that it made an impression the first few times.

I really the girl that played Mindy. I love the storyline of her friendship with Emily. I also enjoyed her finding her own confidence. I found it weird that Emily pretended she didn’t know Gabriel when she met him as the boyfriend of Camille. Life would have been better if she had been honest with his girlfriend Camille. I also found it interesting for her to find a difference in culture and how people react to her. I have found that English speakers usually feel as if everyone else speaks English without them having to try. Especially because Emily is working in France, she could have at least tried. Europeans (I am a bit generalising here) usually love it when you try. Especially when I know that most French people prefer French over English (esp. the older generation). I didn’t understand the clothes, how much money is Emily making? Because she was wearing really expensive clothes. Paired with that most clothes were out there, which the actress pulled off but we don’t see that on this side of the world.

What I didn’t like that much is when Emily had her one-night stand she told the guy she never does things like that. Then she goes one and does it again, twice. Now I do not mind this at all. You can do whatever (and whomever) you want. I do however not appreciate the language used by her. It gives the impression that it is only okay if she never really does such a thing. I personally believe there is power either way. Some people do enjoy commitment and some people do not. I believe a series should make more of a decision. They are now showing one thing and saying the other thing. Which makes people think this is the only way. I do not like that whatsoever. Own your behavior. Finally, you just don’t hook up with your friend’s ex. Especially if she thinks she is one of your best friends.

I did enjoy this series to just sit and watch or as background sound. I did enjoy the storyline even though it was very predictable. It was not the best series whatsoever. As I said it showed a very American view of Paris. I did enjoy watching this show and I will be looking forward to season two. You can watch Emily in Paris on Netflix, now.



Lots of love, Melissa

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