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If you ever bought and read a book in a day you might not find this very odd. I need to stress however when I read MeMeMe I was indeed very sick. When I read the book it might have been a fever dream, to be honest. I was reading my review before writing this one and I must say I didn’t get my point across that well, to be honest. I remember loving it, it was such an easy book to read. A book that people who hate reading could enjoy. You can sit down for a few minutes and read a few pages, finish the chapter, and come back to it later.  

I liked Charlotte in Georgie Shore but I did not like Georgie Shore if you know what I mean. I liked the people in it but I didn’t think that going out, getting drunk in a way that you cannot stand, and doing specific activities on TV is something to aspire to do. I understand everyone is different but watching that specifically wasn’t what I enjoyed. The people too the first few seasons did more than just hang about and get drunk every night. Thus when I was visiting England and Brand New Me came out, I bought it. I started and put it down. I thought I might need a fever or two to get through this book, which never came.

The book in short
In the two years since ME ME ME, national sweetheart Charlotte Crosby could not have been busier. Her jam-packed TV schedule has included appearances on some of the nation’s favourite shows such as Celebrity Juice and This Morning, she is the presenter of MTV’s new hit show Just Tattoo of Us and is now the face of her very own make-up range, Flique.
Here in BRAND NEW ME Charlotte talks us through an incredibly busy year, making us laugh as ever with her funny moments (like when her mum woke up on Christmas morning to find her passed out naked by her new swimming pool) but also opening up about the difficult months surrounding her shock departure from Geordie Shore, betrayal and her heartbreaking ectopic pregnancy. After working through her loss by bravely speaking out, she is now an ambassador of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, helping raise awareness of the symptoms so other women can get early treatment and help if they find themselves going through a similar experience.
So welcome to BRAND NEW ME, the next chapter in Charlotte’s life: businesswoman, TV presenter, charity spokesperson, stronger than ever, inspiring us with her work ethic, smashing it with her style and still making us wet our pants laughing.

What did I think?

I hated it

I know, I know I am normally not so very strict on my opinions but this book was so utterly boring. I had to drag myself through it. I have not followed Charlotte in years, I have just learned she is going to be a mum. Good for her. It just simply felt like I was reading the private (but edited) journal of a teenage girl.

Charlotte is open and honest and I admire her for that. But I am not a fan of her, out of the lot I liked her the most but I do not aspire to be her, or at least not the 2016 version of her. I do not think the book was set up in a way that would be enjoyable. I do think it was interesting to see that she and Gary truly were not meant to end up together and that she could only see this when he left her in the cruelest of ways after an ectopic pregnancy.

I do think Charlotte did amazing with putting that out there as I do believe it has helped/can help lots of women. I felt so sorry for Charlotte in the end, the book talks about three guys that she ‘loves’ and wants to end up with.

In the end, I think that Charlotte wants what every girl wants, a guy who is serious about them. When I read the other book I was much younger and I could appreciate the drunken stories much more. In this one, though I could not. She talked about gaining weight in the Georgie shore house and how uncomfortable she felt. She talked about things going bad because of split-second decisions, it all felt very private. Besides this it dragged on forever, I felt like it would never end but it wasn’t substantial. A lot of nothing was said with a lot of words and I think in the end that made me not want to read more of it. I finished it though and will never read it again.

I wish Charlotte the absolute best in life, I just won’t be watching.

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