Young Royals Season 2 (2021-2024)

With the new and final season almost finishing (the last episode will come out tomorrow ), I decided to finally tell you all about the second season of one of my favourite series. Last year I wrote a massive review of the first season, which you can read here. I have seen this series three times already. It’s one of the best things I have watched in a very long time.

The show in short

(Fake) Prince Wilhelm of Sweden is still living at the prestigious boarding school of last season. This season Wilhelm decides what is most important his title or his own life. The first season has 6 episodes with a runtime of between 40 and 50 minutes.
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My thoughts
The series starts strong. We see Wilhelm go into Erik’s room and his anger towards August who not only betrayed him but was Erik’s friend in life. That would make the betrayal ten times worse and the most tragic thing is that he cannot tell Simon. Because August is one of those privileged people who never suffers the consequences of his actions. We can even see that with the money issue. It is resolved at the last minute and August remains another term to reign over Hillerska. What I did do was actually translate the texts he shares with August for myself as I had to know. I cannot believe this guy has the nerve to basically demand an apology. You effed up big time, Be glad you aren’t in prison, there is no room for forgiveness. I love Wilhelm showing his authority even if he generally speaking doesn’t want to do this. We know he can and we know he is good at it. As I said in the review of season 1. With years upon years of practice, he will make a great King.

When Simon and Wille see each other again I find it so fascinating that Wille’s first reaction is to help Simon find his sister and for it to only after this initial help to be a bit awkward. It’s so clear they like each other but if no one is willing to budge then there is no future there. Why oh why did no one text Wilhelm that he was going to be giving the speech? I mean they could have done that easily even if he did not pick up his phone.

The worst thing about August is that Wilhelm has to look him in the face every day but he cannot do a thing about it.  Once again the communication between Wilhelm and Simon is so wonderful. It’s a breath of fresh air for characters to tell each other how they feel. “This hurt me”, “I wanted to know this”. Or ask “Why didn’t you tell me this?”. It makes their relationship feel more real, it’s important to show people that this is how you talk through issues. It’s the only way you can move on.

Also, Wille’s speech about him not going to be the king is a tat dramatic but he is just one of those people that feels emotions deeply. You can sort of feel that he does not want to be the prince or the king on these terms. Honestly, he is not even unreasonable. He just wants to be told that, in addition, they could have had August removed from his school we all know they could have. But they try to remove him from the situation. I hate to say it but is the stupidest idea ever.

I think that for Sara it feels that Simon has moved on from Wille and from the video and thus all the harm is already done. This is a big mistake that will become a big deal in the last season as well. In this season Simon is using Marcus to get over Wilhelm but he is honest about his intentions I do feel that Marcus doesn’t take what is given he wants more and assumes that it will happen. Which is not the case. It is difficult because you can see it from both sides. But honestly, Simon hardly responds to text messages he only texts him late at night. Doesn’t Marcus have friends who tell him it’s no good? It’s funny because Simon plans to basically get under/or on top of someone else in this case Marcus to get over Wille which is the advice always given after a break-up. But Marcus wants to date and watch a movie and you can just see the discomfort that this gives Simon. Again it’s so well done. I find it very rich of Markus to effectively tell Simon that he is bad at relationships because his parents had a bad marriage and because of Wille. Simon’s dad has a very serious addiction it’s not fair to say that Simon wouldn’t have good relationships because of that. Now, Wilhelm is a totally different story but let’s be honest there what does Markus even know about that? Furthermore, if someone lies on national television effectively leaving you in a burning building by yourself. I mean yes that damages trust but that doesn’t mean Simon would have a hard time trusting someone else eventually. He just doesn’t like Markus. Markus should’ve just gone I am sorry but he could have said “I want something serious and if you do not want that this is goodbye”. But obviously, that is hard. The thing is too, Wille and Simon never really stopped flirting or simply turning around each other. Thus,  I was happy when they kissed. I can see from Markus’ view that this isn’t very nice. Yet, they were not together but it’s still not a very nice thing to do. The trouble with Markus for me is. Simon is very clear about his feelings and what he wants but Markus does not want to listen.  Simon says I do not want to be serious. Then Markus goes on about not hurting him and Simon goes “I never said that I thought you would hurt me”. I mean there were red flags all around that they weren’t on the same page. We’ve all been a Marcus though, were we liked someone who wasn’t that into us.

I love the psychologist in this show. He is amazing, he doesn’t push Wille but eventually, Wille does talk. He learns to talk about whatever he is feeling it is wonderful. This is what therapy can do. I love Felice’s hair this season, she looks all the rich heiress she is. I really love the relationship Felice formed with Sara in the first season and the relationship she has this season with Wilhelm The fact that Sara says that August doesn’t try to be an asshole. I feel like she really put a pin in what was done to Simon and sees it as two different things. She cannot see how her behaviour with August can hurt Simon. The whole August timeline makes me so angry. I understand from the Queen’s point of few to a part but she does know that it was August who sent the video. So as Wilhelm’s mother, she should have first talked to her son. Because she effectively says she stands by her son but there is no other choice. Uhm.. Queen mum, there is you could drop August.

I think the kiss between Wille and Felice was nice in the sense that they both realised that it’s not like that between them. They are better off as friends.  When Simon found out I felt it was a turning point. Also, I need to say it again I love Felice’s look this season she looks so great, the hair the outfits the vibe. Also, why are these girls slut shaming her she has been with 2 boys as far as they know that’s not bad at all? It does make it realistic as this is what happens in schools sadly. I do like the fact that August has no chance to do what he wants to do for the next ten years of his life. Also, I hate to be this person but August has a serious prescription drug problem. Taking ADHD medication when you do not have ADHD is effectively taking speed. So August would be a terrible King indeed. I think that in another life Simon and Markus might have had a chance but in this life, it is always going to be Wilhelm. When you think that August has learned from his mistakes he tells Alexander that it was Wille who let him take the blame for the drugs I mean really. Why is that necessary? This boy is making amendments on someone else’s behalf.

The utter and complete betrayal of Sara to tell August that Simon Is going to the police. I do really think that she thinks he is going to do the right thing but he was never going to. It’s just such a betrayal of trust and their bond as siblings. The thing is August says that he understands that what he did is unforgivable but io do not think that he really beliefs this, he does not show it in his behaviour. I think it’s very unfair for August to say that Erik wouldn’t have let Simon go to the police because I think that August would never have put the video out if it was Erik. He never respected Wilhelm and was jealous of him. Then goes on on blabbing once again about protecting the Royal family. Wilhelm is the royal family and August tried to burn the kingdom down. I think he thinks of himself as a member of the royal family but that’s not how Wille sees it. In the shooting scene, we see the fire that Wilhelm has to protect his family which is the miscalculation that August made. He was told last season that he wasn’t part of Wilhelm’s family but he didn’t understand that Simon is.

It’s also Simon who tried so hard this year to be there for his sister. Yet she knew all this time and she was actively keeping something big from him.  August is right that Wille doesn’t want to be the prince but he sure as hell doesn’t want August to be King either. At this point, no one knows that Sara saw him do it. Sara didn’t realise that her rendezvous with August would have an effect on the rest of her life. Also, I do understand what she means by not seeing right from wrong with him but that doesn’t excuse her behaviour. I am so ready for her redemption arc in season 3 though.

The second season did not disappoint at all. It was just as good as the first season. The stories followed up very well. The playlist of this season is also very good. I immensely enjoy the songs as I did in the first season they fit the story very well. It was so very sad that Simon and Wilhelm weren’t together at first but they grew from it. Again the communication of this couple is very well done and I was rooting for them. It felt in the end as if their relationship found its power back. They both grew throughout the season and they didn’t go on the same way as they did when they broke up. A restart can only work in such instances. I also feel that the arc of their relationship is done exceptionally well. To me, it’s a good thing that the series will only have one more season otherwise you run the risk of it becoming so dramatic that by the last season, you do not like anyone anymore.  This will not be the case for this series. I cannot wait to share with you what I will think about the final season.

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