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I have been living abroad for two weeks and I like it a lot. So let me tell you about it…

You might wonder where I am, you might not remember where I went. I am abroad. I am in the beautiful city of New Castle Upon Tyne. It doesn’t feel like I have been here for two weeks it feels so much longer. It has been such a lovely and weird experience. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. I have imagined going abroad for years now but I never thought I would so be the way it is. I don’t feel homesick; I am not sad (which I had expected). I am happy, I am learning and I am growing every single day. It is a good environment to be in an environment that is lovable and sweet but also sets standards. I think it has to do with going at the right time, I am old enough to be more independent now. A lot of people move out at eighteen so it isn’t so weird to do such a thing. Not to say that I don’t miss my mum because I do. We still text every day and we call most nights. It’s an adjustment for sure but I am so happy and I have great things to share.

My internship is amazing and everyone is very nice. It’s a big learning experience. The first weekend I was here we went to the Tyne-mouth railway station to the very fun market. I got a pretty necklace there. It was seven or eight pounds. Then we went to the beach and it was wonderful! At the start, it was really difficult especially when my parents had left but when I started working at the school I had to do things every day and that helped a ton.

I also decorated my room. I chose red, white, and grey as my colour scheme. I got a bunch of fairy lights. And a Christmassy throw. I have the Christmas room I always wanted to have. I never decorated for Christmas as it’s such a small window of time but as I have this room for that amount of time I thought it was the perfect idea. The walls are a pale green so it’s a fun combination.

I also bought a big make-up bag so that I could store my make-up in one place instead of two bags, as that is very inconvenient I have found. I spent a bit of money on making this place my own but I think this will aid me in feeling great about being here and that is worth it to me. I also needed extra clothes for my internship because the rules were strict and I only had one pair of trousers. Mainly because it is very difficult to find the correct work attire that also looks fashionable in the Netherlands. Whereas in England it is a piece of cake. The rules here apply to most work environments whereas in the Netherlands jeans are the unwritten rule.

Some rules for example:

– No jeans
– No trainers
– No tattoos shown (which I do not have so it’s no problem)


Lots of love,

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