Apple Envelope

As you know if you followed my blog for a while, I love cooking and baking. I also believe I am good at it. Not to brag or anything but it’s a way for me to channel my creativity. Today I have this beautiful recipe for you apple triangles/envelopes you can however put any fruit in here that you like. I have done banana and apple, apple and pear, apple, banana and pear and I can’t help but think that cherries would be gorgeous with this too. Or maybe even peaches. That being said there are a lot of variations but how to do it, is the most important part.

What do you need ?Apple triangle/envelope
– Pasty, as many squares as treats you want.
– Sugar, brown or white whichever floats your fancy
– An apple preferable a green one
– raisins, as maybe as you want
– a bowl
– an oven
– a baking tray

What do you need to do?
– Get your pastry out of the freezer
– Cut your apple in small pieces
– Put them in a bowl-
– Add the raisins
– Add the sugar
– Mix it well
– Add the mixture onto your pastry
– Put one point to the other making a triangle shape
– Put a bit of water on top
– sprinkle some sugar on top
– Put it in the oven until it’s golden (about 20 minutes at 180 degrees)

Happy baking

Lots of love,

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